Sony Slashes $50 Off The PS3, Drops The Base Model To $250

Watch out! Price cuts all around! Following the 3DS price drop, Sony just cut a cool $50 off the PS3, dropping the 160GB model to $250 down from $300. The 320GB model is also a little lower now with a $299 price tag.

This puts the PS3 in a slightly better position ahead of the oh-so-important holiday season. The Wii is currently priced at $150 and comes bundled with Mario Kart. The base model Xbox sells for $200 or $300 with Kinect. The PS3 suddenly looks a lot more attractive.

Unfortunately the price drop love doesn’t apply to European gamers. Sure, the price dropped there too, but only to €249, which works out to $359 USD. It’s a similar but not as harsh story in Japan where the system drops to 24,980 Yen or $325 USD.

Sony has struggled behind Microsoft for sometime. The Xbox 360 is on a seven month streak of being the best-selling console month-over-month. The Kinect re-energized the user base last year and the effect still seems to be holding true. Because of this dominance, Microsoft might not respond in kind and follow with a 360 price drop.