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  • For free! Nintendo stops charging for Wii web browser, will credit past purchases

    Nintendo’s now offering the Opera-powered “Internet Channel” for free. The Wii web browser formerly ran 500 Wii Points ($5). Aside from the new price tag, the browser has also “been updated to support an upgraded version of Adobe Flash player.” Read More

  • Retro Review: River City Ransom (Wii Virtual Console)

    Quick Version: A fool and his money are soon parted, or so the saying goes. I just dropped five bucks on River City Ransom for the Wii Virtual Console. Foolish? Or near-endless retro fun? Spoiler: Totally worth it. Read More

  • Nintendo DSi to get Virtual Console, Sega on-board?

    Wouldn’t it be rad if Nintendo announced Virtual Console for the DSi at GDC this week? We’re unsure if this will actually happen this week, but there’s a rumor going around the web that this was mentioned last night at an event for Club Nintendo members. If true, you’ll be able to download classics from the Gameboy and Gameboy Advance era, but they’ll be limited… Read More

  • Hori's Classic Controller for the Wii looks an awful lot like a GameCube controller

    Hori, the third-party video game accessory maker, will release its Wii Classic Controller on November 27. It resembles the old GameCube controller in size and shape, but the button layout mimics that of other Wii classic controllers, like that Nyko one. Those crazy switches in the middle control autofire, a relic of systems past. The $30 controller should work well with all those Virtual… Read More

  • Virtual Console GoldenEye stuck in ‘no man's land,’ unlikely to be released

    What’s taking so long for GoldenEye to be released on the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console? Rare’s Nick Burton says the number of licensees involved will more than likely prevent the game from ever being available on Virtual Console, saying the game is in “no man’s land.” Says Burton: It’s incredibly hard to solve because there’s so many license… Read More

  • River City Ransom available on Wii Virtual Console

    Ah, one of my most favorite Nintendo games of all time, “River City Ransom,” hit the Wii Virtual Console this morning. So long, five dollars! Have a safe trip. You’ll recall that brothers Ryan and Alex must fight their way across River City to save Ryan’s ladyfriend Cyndi from the evil cross-town rival, Slick. Good stuff. Along the way, you can buy power-ups like… Read More

  • Hack tus Consolas Virtuales

    This video shows the hacking of the virtual console to pop in homebrew and emulated games. Not completely amazing but a good show of progress on the Wii hacking front. Read More

  • Wii Virtual Console to get Sega Master System games

    Remember turning on your Sega Master System? It’d go, “Booo-wip, Saaaay-gaaaah!” Ah, those were the days. A simpler time with games like Outrun, Astro Warrior, Shinobi, Alex Kidd, and Great Baseball. Oh how I long to be eight years old at my friend Jimmy’s house watching him beat Enduro Racer. Good times, except for the time he told his mom to shut up and she washed… Read More

  • Nintendo: No online virtual console, but voice chat may be in the works

    Reggie Fils-Aime works in mysterious ways. An online virtual console seems like a slam dunk and easy to implement (low bandwidth, drives sales, no extra hardware needed, lots of fun), but the big man at Nintendo of America doesn’t anticipate it being implemented. Voice chat, however, which is a mixed blessing at best, he wants to jump on. All that’s left, it seems, is… Read More

  • Wii Hacked to Play Homebrew Games

    Thanks to a newly-found flaw in the Flash Player that’s used on the Wii’s Internet Channel, hackers have finagled a way to allow regular people like you and me play homebrew games on the little white console. Aside from original homebrew titles that could be made available, the entire catalog of NES games could probably be made available as one downloadable package pretty… Read More

  • Arcade-style Wii Controller

    With this new peripheral from Hoki you can finally play your classic Virtual Console games in all of their retro glory. As usual the U.S. is going to be last on the list for this one, but it can be imported from Japan for around $53. A State-side release has been confirmed however it is unknown as to when that will happen. Hori fighting stick Wii [IGN] Read More

  • Trouble in Wii World? Virtual Console Sales Slowing

    So this might be a bit of a stretch, but the highly respected Wired pontificates that sales on Nintendo’s Virtual Console aren’t as good as they should be. Some 3.3 million games have been sold on the VC since its launch, which is actually up from 1.5 million back in January. The problem, Virginia, is that sales haven’t grown fast enough. With the Wii still damn near… Read More

  • NiGHTS Sequel Planned For Nintendo Wii

    That’s it. Consider me sold. If you want to hit a really soft, puppyesque spot in my heart, go for the Sega Saturn. Word is that one of the best platformers of all time will be getting a sequel for the Nintendo Wii. Sonic Team has confirmed with Nintendo and SEGA that they are working on a new NiGHTS game that will feature the Wiimote for controls and everyone’s favorite… Read More

  • Four Versions Of Super Mario Bros. Compared

    Top-left, clockwise: NES, Generation NEX System, FC Twin System, Wii (VC) The guys over at Ars Technica must have some free time. Seems Ben Kuchera took time out of his day to hook up an NES, two NES clones, and a Wii (Virtual Console) and tested the original Super Mario Bros. game for quality. Sure enough, like all good fanboys would, the Wii was chosen as the best looking console. Gee… Read More