Nintendo DSi to get Virtual Console, Sega on-board?

picture_2Wouldn’t it be rad if Nintendo announced Virtual Console for the DSi at GDC this week? We’re unsure if this will actually happen this week, but there’s a rumor going around the web that this was mentioned last night at an event for Club Nintendo members. If true, you’ll be able to download classics from the Game Boy and Game Boy Advance era, but they’ll be limited to first-party titles. And I doubt anyone will have issues with that. Games can be saved onto SD cards on the new DSi in capacities larger than 2GB.

Another rumor to support this comes from a chap who was also at the event in Illinois.

I was at the dsi event in Naperville, IL and the rep there told us the same thing, that like the VC you will be able to download gb/gbc games. Now I don’t remember if he mentioned gba but he DID say that supposedly sega was interested in bringing Game Gear games to the dsiware too. Nothing set in stone but they are looking into it.

If this all turns out to be true, will you guys upgrade?

via Kombo and GoNintendo