Wii Hacked to Play Homebrew Games

WiiThanks to a newly-found flaw in the Flash Player that’s used on the Wii’s Internet Channel, hackers have finagled a way to allow regular people like you and me play homebrew games on the little white console.

Aside from original homebrew titles that could be made available, the entire catalog of NES games could probably be made available as one downloadable package pretty easily.

Tough bounce for Nintendo, as it’s been selling the retro games for five bucks a pop. Suddenly, they might just be hearing the sound of thousands upon thousands of dollars being sucked out through the crack in the Flash Player’s hole (ewww!).

Nintendo’s been silent on the issue so far and not a whole lot of detail is available yet as far as the availability of games is concerned, but expect things to pick up pretty quickly in light of these recent findings.

Wii Internet Channel cracked [T3]