Four Versions Of Super Mario Bros. Compared

Top-left, clockwise: NES, Generation NEX System, FC Twin System, Wii (VC)

The guys over at Ars Technica must have some free time. Seems Ben Kuchera took time out of his day to hook up an NES, two NES clones, and a Wii (Virtual Console) and tested the original Super Mario Bros. game for quality. Sure enough, like all good fanboys would, the Wii was chosen as the best looking console. Gee, didn’t see that coming. Says Ben:

“I know the Virtual Console pictures are unfair—it’s a $250 system hooked up through component—but if you have the means, this is certainly the way to go. It makes your NES games look beautiful, and that may help me justify the cost of buying the games again”

Though I hate the Wii, yes, the game does look the best on the Wii’s Virtual Console. Great write up Ben. When you do a four-system test of the hit classic BiasedRunner!, let me know.

Wii fanboy says something about Mario looking awesome on Wii [Ars Technica]