Trouble in Wii World? Virtual Console Sales Slowing


So this might be a bit of a stretch, but the highly respected Wired pontificates that sales on Nintendo’s Virtual Console aren’t as good as they should be. Some 3.3 million games have been sold on the VC since its launch, which is actually up from 1.5 million back in January. The problem, Virginia, is that sales haven’t grown fast enough. With the Wii still damn near impossible to find (remember, though, Nintendo just did a mea culpa and will increase production), you would think that games on Virtual Console would be selling like hot cakes.

Hot cakes!

Not being an owner of the Wii (for numerous reasons, mind you), I really don’t know how awesome or lame the Virtual Console is. For those of you who dabble in the dark arts of Wii, is there a reason for you not snapping up game after game? It’s doesn’t look like there’s too many Wii-proper games out there anyway, save for Super Paper Mario.

Iwata: Virtual Console Sales Slowing Down [Wired Blogs via Next Generation]