• ViewSonic announces 3D ready projector

    ViewSonic announced the latest addition to their family of projectors recently, the PJD6531w. What makes this particular projector interesting is the fact that it displays at 120Hz, enabling it to be used to display those newfangled 3D movies that are so hot right now. The PJD6531w runs at 1280×800, and supports up to 1080p. The fact that it runs in 120Hz means it’ll work with… Read More

  • Review: Viewsonic PJD2121 Projector

    Short Version: The PJD2121 is a portable projector mainly intended for the business user. The display is bright, the colors crisp, and the contrast is high enough that you don’t need to be in a room with blackout curtains to use it. The price is pretty reasonable, too. Read More

  • Viewsonic joins the HTPC fray

    Viewsonic, best known for their displays, has just set their sights on the HTPC market. Jumping in with two models, Viewsonic no doubt hopes to make a good first impression in the home theater PC market, and their first entry looks to be a good way to do that. Read More

  • ViewSonic announces 12-, 13.3-, and 14-inch ‘ViewBook’ ultraportables

    ViewSonic dove headfirst into the ultraportable notebook game yesterday, with the announcement of the “ViewBook” line of 12-, 13-, and 14-inch low voltage machines. Read More

  • Viewsonic gots some inexpensive TVs for you

    About half of all our CrunchDeals are Viewsonic monitors, since they seem to be eternally on sale for crazy prices. In fact, look, there’s a 24″ for $164! But if you’re in the market for a real TV, Viewsonic has you covered too. So covered, in fact, that they released six TVs today just to make sure you had a selection to choose from. You’ve got six models; I’ll… Read More

  • ViewSonic VPC100 all-in-one now shipping to US retailers

    In case you hadn’t heard, ViewSonic — fine purveyor of affordable LCD monitors — has crossed over into the all-in-one desktop market. The company’s new VPC100 is now shipping to US retailers with an MSRP of $599. Read More

  • 120Hz, 3D-enabled DLP projectors coming soon from ViewSonic

    Available in the coming months from ViewSonic are three 3D-enabled DLP projectors (DLP Link and Nvidia 3D-Vision compatible) with 120Hz refresh rates. The PJD6211 and PJD6221 output 1024×768 XGA resolution with up to 2700 lumens and a 2800:1 contrast ratio. Both come with composite, S-Video, VGA inputs and a VGA out. The 6221 includes an RJ45 jack as well. Read More

  • ViewSonic to use Taiwanese/Chinese OEMs, launch handsets in Q3?

    It was only yesterday that Viewsonic announced that they’d be dabbling in handset sales, and the rumors have already started. Cell phone gossip is becoming like celebrity gossip sans the sex tapes. According to Digitimes’ always vague “industry sources” (whether that means someone close to the matter or some dude who bought a cellphone once, we’ll likely never… Read More

  • ViewSonic outs 22-inch 1080p HDTV for $350

    ViewSonic might be known for their line of computer monitors, but their HDTVs aren’t too shabby. Today, they released the VT2230, a 1080p 22-inch LCD for $349. With an 8000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, 16:9 aspect ratio and a 1920×1080 native resolution, the VT2230 just might bump my VX2240W out the door. Read More

  • ViewSonic working on a 22-inch notebook, regular netbooks too

    Not the actual notebook, just a bad Photoshop job of a 22-inch ViewSonic monitor and that computer that fits in a keyboard. You’ll need a perfect storm of the following three elements in order to enjoy this bit of news: Must live in China Must like ViewSonic products Must want a netbook or an overwhelmingly large notebook Read More

  • ViewSonic intros 24-inch 1080p TV for $399

    Here’s a relatively affordable full HD TV from ViewSonic. The VT2430 is a 24-inch, 1080p LCD with an ATSC/NTSC/QAM tuner, 10,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, 5ms response time, 300cd/m2 brightness, a VGA input, composite/component/S-Video inputs, and a single HDMI input. The company’s positioning the TV for “the other room,” meaning the bedroom, children’s… Read More