Viewsonic Releases Rebranded 3M Camcorder-Projector, 3D Camcorder

Just what do these guys think they’re trying to pull? I recognized that doodad the second I saw the picture of it. After all, I reviewed it three weeks ago. So, it looks like Viewsonic has put out the same thing and called it the DVP5. I’m going to guess it performs at about the same level. So we’ll move on.

They also released made available (it was announced a while back, I missed it) a 3D camcorder, the 3DV5. I know, I know, all camcorders are 3D. I mean this one records 3D anaglyph images using two sensors. Strange-looking thing, isn’t it! You can preview the images in 3D on the rear LCD, or watch them on your computer with the usual 3D accessories. It’s an NVIDIA-branded product, so you’d do best to stick with them.

Interestingly, the 3DV5 is only $180, which is pretty cheap for a 3D camcorder — not that there are many, but that’s about what a high-end pocket cam runs. Probably means you can’t trust the quality. What, it’s true!

[via Electronista]