The Viewsonic Viewpad 7x Does 7-inches Of Honeycomb

Right now there’s no such thing as a 7-inch Honeycomb tablet. There isn’t one on the market. (okay, I looked, but I just know someone is going to link to one in the comments) The Viewsonic Viewpad 7x might be the first one. Pocket-Lint heard through “reliable sources” that said tablet is in the batter’s box, ready to step up to the plate at a Taipei trade conference.

The rumored tech specs aren’t that much of a surprise: dual cams, HDMI, DLNA, and of course a Tegra 2 chip running Honeycomb. All of this isn’t official just yet, but if you’re like me and don’t really dig larger tablets, you might wanna wait until this Viewsonic drops. Price? Not announced yet but Android 2.2 Viewpad 7 only runs $299. Here’s hoping the 7x is priced similarly.