ViewSonic intros 24-inch 1080p TV for $399

Here’s a relatively affordable full HD TV from ViewSonic. The VT2430 is a 24-inch, 1080p LCD with an ATSC/NTSC/QAM tuner, 10,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, 5ms response time, 300cd/m2 brightness, a V

Review: Xbox 360 VGA HD AV cable, Viewsonic VX2240w LCD monitor

I know, I know. The VGA HD AV cable has been out for three years, but I was in between TVs and only had a monitor to game on. I’ll keep this review short and sweet.

Review: ViewSonic N2201w HDTV with DVD (22-inch)

Short Version: A full-featured 22-inch HDTV with a built-in DVD player for under $400, the N2201w from ViewSonic is a great option as a bedroom TV, office TV, or dedicated gaming TV.

ViewSonic intos the DPG801BK and DPG807BK digital photo frames

The latest digital picture frames from ViewSonic are, how you say, commonplace. Yeah, nothing exciting like WiFi or cell connectivity but that’s alright; they’re new so we’re all ove

Review: ViewSonic VA2626wm 25.5-inch LCD monitor

Short Version: At well under $600, the 25.5-inch ViewSonic VA2626wm is a good monitor for those of you who want to get into the huge LCD game at a reasonable price. While considered to be somewhat inf

CrunchDeals: 20-inch LCD for $149.99 after rebate

If anybody buys this, will you please leave a comment so I can live vicariously through you? Unfortunately all my monitors are currently working just fine, otherwise I’d buy this myself. has

ViewSonic rolls out three lightweight DLP projectors

If you’re a teacher or a business suit type and like to bore students and colleagues with boring video or presentations then ViewSonic has three DLP projectors for you. The 62 series all have 2x5W s

Viewsonic's 120Hz LCD prototype is a gamer's dream come true

Today at Nvision, Viewsonic showcased a 22-inch LCD prototype with a 3ms gray-to-gray response time and 120Hz technology. The unnamed display (currently dubbed the VX2265wm, but it could change) also

ViewSonic releases its brightest projector made for large venues

At 5,000 lumens, the new ViewSonic PJ1173 could function as a bat signal. This high performance projector supports 1080p with a native resolution of 1024×768 (wait, what? Ask them.) and a 1000:1

Hands on with ViewSonic's goodies

Here’s ViewSonic’s 47-inch 1080p LCD TV with built-in ATSC/NTSC/QAM TV tuner. Contrast ratio is pretty good at 6000:1 with 11 input connections that include three HDMI 1.3 ports. Yay! I li

CG Holiday 2007 Recommendation: ViewSonic 22-inch Widescreen LCD

If there’s one thing I learned when I willingly put myself into the corporate rat race is that the amount of real estate you have on your desktop monitor is key to being productive. I shudder wh

CrunchDeals: 22-inch refurb ViewSonic LCD for $199

Not bad! This thing’s got some good customer reviews to back it up, too. 22-inch widescreen (16:10) LCD with 1680×1050 resolution, 5ms response time, 700:1 contrast ratio, digital and analo

Gateway Wins Best Budget LCD

Those shopping for a new LCD monitor, but don’t have a bottomless wallet of cash, should check out this budget LCD roundup at If you’re not picky about your monitor&#8

Viewsonic Announces High-Priced Rugged Handhelds

Viewsonic apparently is looking to make some serious buck off their new V38r-06, V38r-07, and V38r-07a rugged handhelds. Just announced, these guys come with some serious features, but they run friggi

ViewSonic iPod-Dock LCDs Launch

Just a quick follow up on something we reported on last month. ViewSonic, in an attempt to give us one more thing we can stick into our monitor, has released its 19-inch VX1945wm and 22-inch VX2245wm

ViewSonic 19 and 22-inch Monitor With Built-In iPod Dock

Yup, it looks like every peripheral at your computer needs to have an iPod dock these days. Tying in with the Apple fanfare yesterday, ViewSonic’s released a 19-inch and a 22-inch monitor, both