ViewSonic working on a 22-inch notebook, regular netbooks too

Not the actual notebook, just a bad Photoshop job of a 22-inch ViewSonic monitor and that computer that fits in a keyboard.

You’ll need a perfect storm of the following three elements in order to enjoy this bit of news:

  • Must live in China
  • Must like ViewSonic products
  • Must want a netbook or an overwhelmingly large notebook

If you meet those criteria you might be happy to know that ViewSonic will be branching out to netbooks and notebooks, according to DigiTimes. The company is currently best-known for its LCD monitors and TVs, which are available in the US and typically carry lower-than-average price points. It’s unknown at this point in time whether or not the company will bring its portable computers here to the states.

It’ll apparently be leveraging its expertise in LCD screens to build a mammoth 22-inch notebook, which we can all agree is crazy and should be called an “all-in-one computer that folds in half” instead of a “notebook”. Whatever the case, I can’t wait to see this monster.

[via DigiTimes]