Unity CEO says half of all games are built on Unity

Unity CEO John Riccitiello came to TechCrunch Disrupt SF to give everyone an update on the world’s most popular game engine. You might not be aware that most of the games you’re playing, espec

23andMe’s Anne Wojcicki and Unity’s John Riccitiello to join us at Disrupt SF 2018

Disrupt SF might feel familiar to many of you, but I encourage you to be prepared for a surprise. The world’s most impactful tech startup conference is about to get bigger and better than ever.

AR/VR startups raised $3 billion last year led by a few industry juggernauts

Tech companies working with augmented reality and virtual reality technologies raised more than $3 billion in venture funding in 2017. This data comes from analytics firm Digi-Capital and suggests t

Unity CEO John Riccitiello on Apple’s big event, privacy and the AR apps we’ll see within the year

Presumably, it would be good for business to speak onstage at an Apple event. But John Riccitiello, the CEO of Unity Technologies, says you won't see him presenting at tomorrow's Apple event, or that

Virtual science lab startup Labster bags $10M to accelerate its ed tech play

Ed tech startup Labster whose software platform enables virtual simulations of laboratories for teaching life science to students, has closed a $10 million Series A round of funding led by early stag

Experience the future of reality simulations at Disrupt SF 2017 with Unity and Improbable

Video games have never been just games, but as developers grow their ambitions, thanks to evolving, powerful game development tools, the line between real life and simulation has been growing much mur

No, Peter Thiel is not harvesting the blood of the young

Correction below Stories of countesses bathing in virgin blood, or vampiric nobles sucking the juice out of the young, have captured our attention for centuries. But when stories started coming out t

With new realities to build, Unity positioned to become tech giant

There are few verticals filled with more utopian dreams than the studios and startups building VR and AR experiences. While some are looking to craft 3D experiences that integrate into the real world,

NASA is using a mixed reality space station to train astronauts

NASA has always embraced emerging technology for visualization, even if that tech was seemingly developed for frivolous entertainment. We recently covered its holographic Mars exhibit, and the man

Father-to-be uses VR to ‘meet’ his daughter before she’s born

Of all the potential use-cases for VR, Samuli Cantell has arguably come up with the most unusual after persuading his pregnant girlfriend to undergo 4D ultrasound scanning of their unborn child in ord

Facebook is building its own Steam-style desktop gaming platform with Unity

Facebook may try to compete with Steam, or at least win back revenue lost when casual gaming shifted to mobile. Today Facebook formally announced it’s working with game engine Unity to build a d

How VR could have you walking in circles in future without knowing it

VR's promise of boundless virtual worlds to explore is, in practice, rather more tethered to reality, given physical limits on play spaces meaning you can only walk so far in the corresponding virtual

Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2015 Will Launch On July 20

Microsoft today announced that Visual Studio 2015 (VS 2015), the latest version of the company's integrated development environment, will launch on July 20. This latest version greatly emphasizes c

PlayFab Raises $2.5M For Its Gaming Backend Service

Nowadays, most studios building games for mobile, PC, or consoles are actually building services: there are servers where gamers play together, leaderboards, in-app purchases to process, inventories t

Unity Will Let You Make Plugin-Free, Browser-Based Games For Free

Back in March, Unity announced that they’d soon allow developers to deploy Unity-based games to the web without the need for any plugins, thanks to the magic of WebGL. Unity’s WebGL announ

Microsoft Acquires SyntaxTree To Offer Better Unity Support In Visual Studio

Microsoft today announced that it has acquired SyntaxTree, the France-based company behind UnityVS, a popular Visual Studio plugin for developers that use the cross-platform Unity framework to write t

Unity Shows Off How Its Long Awaited GUI Editor Will Work

Unity 3D, the increasingly popular WYSIWYG—ish engine for building video games, does a lot of things really well. Helping you build in-game user interfaces? That's not one of them. At least, not yet

Unity Partners With Mozilla To Port Its Popular Game Engine To The Web

<a target="_blank" href="http://unity3d.com/">Unity</a> and <a target="_blank" href="http://mozilla.org">Mozilla</a> today <a target="_blank" href="https://blog.mozilla.org/blog/2014/03/18/mozilla-and

Unity Game Engine Goes Free For Indie Xbox One Developers

Back in June, <a href="https://beta.techcrunch.com/2013/06/27/unity-game-engine-announces-xbox-one-support-goes-free-for-windows-phone-8-developers/">Unity announced</a> that their cross-platform game

Unity Game Engine To Get Official 2D Game Support And A Built-In Ad Solution

Unity, the popular "build once, deploy anywhere" 3D game engine, is going 2D. At the company's UNITE conference in Vancouver this morning, CEO David Helgason announced three things: official suppor
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