• Groupon, 4Info and Brand in Hand on Mobile Advertising and Marketing

    The Future Of Mobile Advertising Is In Pull, Not Push

    We brought 4INFO founder and CEO Zaw Thet, VP of Groupon Mihir Shah and Brand In Hand founder John Hadl together to talk about their experiences in mobile marketing here at TechCrunch Disrupt, on a panel moderated by TechCrunch’s own Jason Kincaid. Panel moderator Jason Kincaid began the panel with the classic mobile marketing example of a consumer having a phone in their pocket and… Read More

  • Music Video Startup Vevo Is Seeing Tens Of Million In Revenue

    Vevo CEO Rio Caraeff took the stage today at TechCrunch Disrupt to talk about how Vevo, like a Hulu for music launched in December 2009, is now the third largest source for video on the web. Vevo, whose core philosophy is that the Internet is about choice, now receives 49 million unique video viewers a month, with 500 million views in the US and 1.4 billion around the world. Read More

  • Lark Startup Battlefield Demo at Disrupt SF 2010

    Lark Will Wake You Silently Without A Jarring Alarm

    If your partner has an erratic sleeping schedule, an annoying alarm, or is a perpetual snoozer, you can understand how hard it can be to woken up several times during the night or the morning. Often time after being woken up early or in the middle of a deep sleep, it can be difficult to get back to sleep. Lark, which is launching at TechCrunch Disrupt today, promises to help couples sleep… Read More

  • Superfly Startup Battlefield Demo at Disrupt SF 2010

    Figure Out Your Flying Needs With Superfly

    People are obsessed with airline mileage, but it’s really difficult to keep track of what programs you should be a part of let alone which ones are advantageous. A Mint for travel, Superfly collects user data like rewards balance, elite status, travel expenses, analyzes travel patterns and compares them to already existing mileage program. Read More

  • Gripe, Resolve Complaints By Wielding Your Social Clout

    Gripe attempts to capitalize on the human propensity to complain about things as well as the increasing importance of online influence and power. Its location-based mobile app is based on the premise that people want the ability to press a button and resolve grievances towards local businesses and service providers. Gripe uses as leverage a person’s online clout, namely the number… Read More

  • Sumazi Startup Battlefield Demo at Disrupt SF 2010

    Sumazi, A Connection Recommendation Engine

    Sumazi attempts to make introductions, positioning itself as “an intelligent recommendation engine for professionals that introduces connects you to the people you don’t know but should.” Sharing the same space with Hashable, Sumazi has the very ambitious goal of being the world’s ultimate super connector. Founder Sumaya Kazi brings up the example of being able to meet… Read More

  • Tello Startup Battlefield Demo at Disrupt SF 2010

    Tello Gives Businesses Consumer Feedback On The Fly

    We all have experienced customer service nightmares. Often, one of the must frustrating parts of a poor customer service experience is feeling that your feedback is falling on deaf ears. Tello, which is launching at TechCrunch Disrupt today, is hoping to fill this gap by offering companies a realtime feedback app that consumers can use on their mobile phones to rate customer service on the… Read More

  • Why No Women Want To Be On A "Women In Tech" Panel

    Women in tech, the song that never ends … Somebody realizes that the ratio of women versus men in tech is 80 to 20 and decides to write a blog post blaming something or in the case of Mediaite’s Rachel Sklar writing a piece in the WSJ calling out TechCrunch founder Mike Arrington for the lack of women in tech, to which he responded. Read More

  • Armstrong Announces AOL's Acquisition of TechCrunch

    The AOL Announcement, The Video(s) TCTV

    As you may have heard, AOL’s CEO Tim Armstrong had some fairly significant news to announce at TechCrunch Disrupt this morning. Yes, AOL is acquiring TechCrunch and all of our properties and yes, we will be joining the AOL Technology Network. If you missed the live feed, we have videos of the on-stage announcement and co-editor Erick Schonfeld’s backstage interview with Armstrong. Read More

  • Schmidt: Twitter Should Be Able To Monetize Hugely

    At TechCrunch Disrupt, an audience member just asked Google CEO Eric Schmidt a question about what he thinks of Twitter, and whether Google is buying them. Schmidt declined to answer the latter question but did provide interesting commentary on the first query. He said: Twitter strikes me as being a very important platform (not surprising, Schmidt actually joined Twitter last year and has used… Read More

  • The Pros and Cons of a Tech Startup IPO

    Benchmark's Gurley: With 500M Users, Facebook Could Go Public At A Cattle Auction

    Today, at TechCrunch Disrupt, Erick Schonfeld sat down with Bill Gurley, partner at Benchmark Capital and and Michael Grimes, Managing Director and Co-Head of Global Technology Investment Banking at Morgan Stanley, to discuss the current IPO market. As Facebook, LinkedIn, Jive and Millennial Media consider taking their companies public over the next few years, GreenDot, an under the radar… Read More

  • TechCrunch Disrupt: The Backstage Pass, Day One (TCTV)

    While the main focus was center stage on Monday for day one of TechCrunch Disrupt, there was plenty of action backstage— or rather just a few yards to the right to the stage, where our ad-hoc TechCrunch TV studio is located. Throughout the day, we ran follow-up interviews with a string of Disrupt notables, like KPCB’s John Doerr and Bing Gordon, Founders Fund’s Peter… Read More

  • Opzi: A Quora For The Enterprise

    Within businesses, employees can share information over email, and through collaboration platforms like Yammer, Salesforce’s Chatter and others. But Q&A platforms like Quora have recently taken off as a centralized knowledge repository for a vast number of topics that is easily searchable. Today at TechCrunch Disrupt, Opzi is launching a Q&A platform designed specially for… Read More

  • SeqCentral Puts DNA Sequence Crunching In The Cloud

    The act of DNA sequencing results in massive amounts of data around the human genome. Currently, this data is housed in standalone super computers, which doesn’t allow for collaboration between scientists. SeqCentral is launching at TechCrunch Disrupt today as a way for human genome scientists to match their data with publicly available data sets. SeqCentral offers highly-scalable… Read More

  • Namesake Is The For Professional Opportunities

    We’ve written about Namesake, a stealthy startup founded by former MySpace execs Dan Gould and Brian Norgard, that aims to match opportunities with people in your network. Today, Namesake is launching its professional community at TechCrunch Disrupt. Namesake, which aims to create a better way to match and route opportunities that come across your desk everyday, is part LinkedIn… Read More

  • OneTrueFan Is The Foursquare For Websites

    The Foursquare model of checking into a location, earning badges and tapping into your social network to share that location has become one that has been able to be applied to other platforms. For example, GetGlue allows users to check-in to shows, books, movies and more, earn badges and share this with friends on Twitter and Facebook. Today at TechCrunch Disrupt, OneTrueFan is launching a… Read More

  • Fabric Video Wants To Change The Way You Search For Videos

    Similar to Cooliris, Japanese startup Gunzoo aims to change the way people search for videos through their Fabric Video product, which launches today at TechCrunch Disrupt. Founded by Toshikazu Shinohara, Gunzoo and Fabric Video want to disrupt the video search space, by allowing users to browse efficiently and seamlessly through thousands of options, instead of having to try to find what… Read More

  • Qwiki Startup Battlefield Presentation

    Qwiki Just May Be The Future Of Information Consumption. And It's Here Now.

    In the late 1980s, Apple created a few concept videos about a device they called the Computer Knowledge Navigator. These videos came up recently when Apple unveiled the iPad, because the machine in the videos is a tablet computer. But that’s about all the iPad has in common with this conceptual device. Instead, a new startup launching at TechCrunch Disrupt today, Qwiki, is much more like… Read More

  • HP Sells $4 Million Worth of Computers Each Hour, 2 Sold Every Second

    At TechCrunch Disrupt this morning, HP’s Executive Vice President for the Personal Systems Group, Todd Bradley shed light on the massive number of devices being sold through his group, which Bradley says is in charge of a $40-plus billion revenue stream flowing through the company. Bradley says that HP is selling $4 million worth of computers in his group every hour, with 2 computers… Read More

  • Peter Thiel: We Would Be A Lot More Careful About Funding Facebook Today. But…

    Peter Thiel made a really wise bet on Facebook as the social network’s first angel investor back in 2003. Of course, now Thiel’s foresight has paid off—the company is not only the biggest social network in the world but it is valued in the tens of billions. In fact, Thiel, who was being interviewed by Sarah Lacy, said today at TechCrunch Disrupt that Facebook’s $30… Read More

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