A Random Walk Down Hardware Alley

I’ve been in a lot of alleys and my favorite one is Hardware Alley. Every year at TechCrunch Disrupt I get to invite a few dozen hardware companies to show off their wares on our show floor. Every year we also get a chance to walk through the alley for a meet and greet where we get to see drones, security systems, and wireless bangles.

Without further ado, here’s our visit with the heroes of the alley.

Here are a few very cool little projects we thought you might enjoy.

First, we have the amazing SCiO, a molecular food scanner that can tell you the caloric content of food just by shining a light through the surface and identify medicines with the help of a little mirror-lined box. It’s amazing stuff.

Next there’s the Dos Owls ODIN, an all-in-one projector with a computer built in. It’s basically a teeny Android device with a bright, long throw projector and touchpad. You can use it to view presentations, watch movies, and even play games.

Finally, we met the folks at Dexter Industries who are creating Raspberry Pi-based robotics projects. By adding a mini circuit board to laser cut Lucite parts they’re able to create clever, programmable robots for kids.

Until next Disrupt, alley-goers, I bid you happy hacking!