Security Cam Maker Dropcam Announces A Location-Based Motion Sensor

Dropcam, the makers of a plug and play security camera system, announced a new sensor, called Tabs, to add new functionality to the camera platform. The device, which is about as big as a stick of gum, can be carried around with you, attached to items, or even stuck to windows and doors. The sensors connect to Dropcam Pros via Bluetooth LE and transmit activities that happen around the house. They are battery powered and last for two years.

CEO Greg Duffy launched the product on stage at TechCrunch Disrupt.

Dubbed the “cerebral cortex of the conscious home” by Dropcam CEO Greg Duffy, the cameras and sensors work in concert to let you know who is entering and leaving the home, if a window is open, or if an object has been moved. Think of it as a way for the Dropcam cameras to understand physical objects and create a more complete picture of your environment.

Tabs will be available in August but they are opening pre-orders today.

Duffy also described a new feature on the Dropcam platform, people detection. “It will recognize if the object is a person or not,” he said. “It’s the first of many similar features we plan to launch.”

The system will “see” humans in any scene, even in busy areas and from any angle. “It’s really hard,” said Duffy.

The system will notify you when human enters a scene which, presumably, is why most view Dropcam feeds. As a security feature it’s a vast improvement over the basic heuristics that the platform currently supports and it should offer a more interesting view on your surroundings. Now all they have to do is train it to recognize puppies.