• Disrupting Transportation - Electric Vs. Efficiency

    EcoMotors Chief Don Runkle: "Electric Vehicles Are Not 'Zero Emissions'"

    The chief executive officers of two very different clean tech startups, Brammo and EcoMotors, discussed the relative merits and limitations of clean vehicle technology, at TechCrunch Disrupt in New York on Wednesday. Oregon-based Brammo designs and manufactures all-electric motorcycles and the battery technology and software that powers them, while Michigan-based EcoMotors designs and makes… Read More

  • TechCrunch Disrupt, Day 3, Livestreaming For You Right Here, Right Now

    TechCrunch Disrupt, Day 3, Livestreaming For You Right Here, Right Now

    Hey, we’d love to hit 3 billion views today, too. It’s the third day of TechCrunch Disrupt, and it just keeps getting better and better. Tune into the event live after the proverbial jump – you can check the agenda for the day right here. You can also follow along by tracking the #TCDisrupt hashtag on Twitter. Read More

  • David Karp on Tumbler's Directory Launch

    Tumblr Revamps 'Directory' To Better Surface Great Content (Video)

    Exclusive – In a conversation with TechCrunch writer Jason Kincaid after his panel on scaling fast-growing Internet businesses, Tumblr CEO David Karp talks not only about his lazy dog but also some new product developments that should be going live right about now. In short, Tumblr has given Directory, where people looking for great content on the network have had the chance to find… Read More

  • CatchFree Wants To Become The Hub Of The 'Freemium' Ecosystem

    CatchFree is making its formal debut at Disrupt today with the unveiling of a social platform that allows people to discover and sharing the best free(mium) software and services online. The startup just raised $5.5 million in funding from top notch investors such as Index Ventures, First Round Capital, True Ventures, Polaris and 500 Startups. Combining the power of social networking with… Read More

  • Foretuit Tracks And Maps Sales Operations For Organizations

    Tracking the success and productivity for sales reps can be a challenge for any organization. Foretuit, which launches today at TechCrunch Disrupt, maps sales employees’ business behavior and determines patterns in order to provide predictive outcomes for sales operations. Foretuit says that the sales process is inefficient because of compliance (sales reps don’t actually put data… Read More

  • Can ccLoop Rid Us Of Our Collective Email Woes?

    Launching in public beta today at Disrupt is ccLoop, a previously stealth startup founded by serial entrepreneur Michael Wolfe that aims to tackle one of the biggest problems with modern communication: the disaster that is email. We heard the company had raised $3.5 million from Benchmark Capital, SV Angel and other investors earlier this year, but not how they were planning to solve that… Read More

  • Thinkfuse, Unhappy With The Current Status Of Status Reports, Sets Out To Fix It

    Launching today at the Disrupt conference, Thinkfuse is all about TPS status reports, more specifically making it easier to share and manage weekly status reports in order to assist organizations in achieving their goals. Thinkfuse is armed with $500,000 in seed funding from Founders Coop, Ali & Hadi Partovi, Scott Banister, SV Angel, Todd Warren, Emil Michael, Travis Bogard and other… Read More

  • BillGuard Will Track Hidden Fees And Billing Errors On Credit Card Bills

    My Mom meticulously scans every credit card, cable or cell phone bill to ensure that no errors have been made or hidden fees have been issued. I, on the other hand, don’t have the time or the patience to do this. And I’m sure along the line, I’ve been overcharged or scammed in some way. BillGuard, a startup launching to the public today at TechCrunch Disrupt, aims to alert… Read More

  • Spenz Wants To Help You Track Spending Habits And Stick To A Budget

    Sticking to a budget can be a challenge no matter how big or small your income is. While gives you access into where your money is going, it doesn’t incentivize or motivate you to stick to a budget. Enter Spenz, a startup launching at TechCrunch Disrupt today, is launching a proactive way for a younger generation to track where they spend all of their money and provides… Read More

  • StyleSeat Is An OpenTable For Hair Salons And Spas

    StyleSeat Is An OpenTable For Hair Salons And Spas

    Finding a new hair stylist in a city is a challenging and very important task. For me, I happen to be very particular about how I like my hair cut, styled and highlighted. While Yelp provides a database of reviews for some hair salons and spas, Yelp’s salon pages don’t allow me to book an appointment, see pricing, or access more information about the stylists themselves. Enter… Read More

  • SneakPeeq Is The Social Shopping Mall Where As You Shop, The Price Drops

    It’s no secret that e-commerce is growing like gangbusters. Last year alone, consumers spent a $142 billion on online retail spending. SneakPeeq, a startup launching today at TechCrunch Disrupt, aims to capitalize on this booming market, but adds a social twist. SneakPeeq gets high end fashion brands to sell in season or upcoming items on the site, and somewhat aims to replicate the… Read More

  • Revealed: The Huffington Post Wanted To Buy TechCrunch Back In The Day

    My boss, Michael Arrington, sat down with his boss (and my boss as well), Arianna Huffington for a brief chat at TechCrunch Disrupt, where Huffington revealed that she tried to ‘merge’ the Huffington Post with TechCrunch before AOL bought us last September. Of course, now we are all one big happy family now that AOL also scooped up The Huffington Post for $315 million, and we are… Read More

  • Fred Wilson: Be Your Own Bitch

    At TechCrunch Disrupt, Erick Schonfeld interviewed prolific investor Fred Wilson, an early investor in Twitter, Foursquare, and Zynga. When Schonfeld asked him about the Twitter ecosystem, and the company’s recent moves to discourage app developers from building Twitter clients, he replied with this one liner, “Don’t be a Google Bitch, don’t be a Facebook Bitch… Read More

  • The List Of Startups Launching At TechCrunch Disrupt New York

    We are only a few hours away from kicking off the third TechCrunch Disrupt conference in New York and we are thrilled to announce the 29 startups that were chosen out of nearly 1,000 applicants to pitch ideas and applications over the next few days. We will also hear pitches from the two StartupAlley companies that receive the most votes over the next two days. You can watch the livestream… Read More

  • Hackathon Winner Docracy Is A GitHub For Legal Documents

    One of the winners at today’s TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon is Docracy, an open source site where users can share and sign legal documents, similar to what GitHub provides for code. The site is the brainchild of mobile app developers Matt Hall and John Watkinson, who are the founders of app development startup Larva Labs. Docracy is an online, opensource hub for quality legal documents… Read More

  • Meet This 14-Year-Old Self Taught Hacker

    In case you missed it, hackers were busy building new ideas and products at TechCrunch Disrupt’s Hackathon in New York last night. Fueled by RedBull, coffee, and massive quantities of junk food, hackers burned the midnight oil last night, preparing to show off their designs to the judges, who included VC Jeff Clavier and founder Christopher Poole, and Google VP of Product… Read More

  • Scandalous and Soundscape Apps at Hackathon NY 2011

    Hackathon Day Two: The Apps Are In! (TCTV)

    In the early hours of Hackathon day two, bleary-eyed hax0rz roamed the conference hall, checking out each others’ apps. TCTV caught up with a few who were still standing to see how they fared after twenty-four hours, heads down in the code and design… (video) Read More

  • Disrupt Hackathon NY 2011

    Hax0rz Advice: "Don't Listen To Me. Go Build Something." (TCTV)

    Talent scouting at the 2011 Hackathon in Manhattan today, TCTV caught up with three alumni hax0rz and one n00b, who gave us a sneak peek of their apps and ideas. They included: a couple of dating sites, one with a hyper local twist, a mobile web application that lets you see nearby job opportunities using data from your Foursquare network and… Read More

  • New Digg Button Just Went Live

    We just got done interviewing Digg founder Kevin Rose here at TC Disrupt and got back to our seats to discover that a new “Digg This” button had just been launched both on our site and on itself. Perhaps this “design refresh” is the first in a slew of features about to launch in the coming weeks? While prettier and faster, the button opens up a pop window where… Read More

  • Ethan Anderson on RedBeacon's Product Expansion

    TechCrunch 50 Winner Redbeacon Opens In Seattle, Expands Reach With Widgets

    Fresh off a $7.4 million funding round, last year’s TechCrunch50 winner Redbeacon took the stage at TechCrunch Disrupt today. The company announced that it has expanded to its second city; Seattle. Redbeacon was previously only available in San Francisco (and has over 5,000 Bay Area providers listed on the site). Redbeacon lets users search, browse and book local service providers… Read More