• Path’s Dave Morin And Benchmark Capital’s Matt Cohler Will Join Us At Disrupt SF!

    Path’s Dave Morin And Benchmark Capital’s Matt Cohler Will Join Us At Disrupt SF!

    Well, the agenda for TechCrunch Disrupt SF is shaping up nicely, really nicely. And today we’ve got another two Valley thought leaders we’d like to announce: Path’s Dave Morin and Benchmark Capital’s Matt Cohler will be taking the stage in September to impart their perspectives on the state of the tech now. Morin and Cohler will join our all-star speaker list which… Read More

  • Six Must-Watch On-Stage Videos From Disrupt

    Six Must-Watch On-Stage Videos From Disrupt

    We have hours and hours of quality video from this year’s Disrupt SF, and you can browse it all over at TCTV, but there were a few on-stage interviews and discussions that we felt were unmissable. Whether they’re funny, interesting, or controversial, these show the quality and variety of the guests and topics we get to feature at Disrupt. Read More

  • TalkTo Allows Consumers To SMS Any Local Business And Get A Quick Response

    TalkTo Allows Consumers To SMS Any Local Business And Get A Quick Response

    Have you ever called a local restaurant, store or service professional and been put on hold for more than give minutes? Or worse, you can’t get through to a representative and are left leaving a message on an answering machine with no assurance that you voicemail will be checked. The fact is it can be frustrating to communicate with local and general businesses via the phone. Enter TalkTo… Read More

  • Verious Launches First Marketplace For Mobile App Components

    Verious Launches First Marketplace For Mobile App Components

    Today, TechCrunch Disrupt finalist Verious is launching the world’s first marketplace for mobile application components – that is, the libraries, the SDKs (software development kits), the add-ons, the open source code and other third-party services which specifically cater to mobile app developers. Until now, there hasn’t been a centralized repository of these… Read More

  • Spool Is Instapaper On Steroids

    Spool Is Instapaper On Steroids

    Spool is a new service aimed at addressing the problem created by the multi-device, multi-screen environment we now live in, where the content consumption experience can vary widely from platform to platform. On iOS devices, for example, you can’t watch Flash videos without serious workarounds. On an iPod Touch or other standalone media player, you need a Wi-Fi signal in order to browse… Read More

  • Dustin Moskovitz at Disrupt SF 2011

    Facebook Co-Founder Dustin Moskovitz Talks About Facebook’s Early Days, And What’s Wrong With Google+

    Dustin Moskovitz, co-founder of Facebook and, more recently, of enterprise collaboration software company Asana, spoke to TechCrunch Editor in Chief Erick Schonfeld at Disrupt this afternoon in a brief interview. The subject of their chat, for the most part, was the early days of Facebook and the changes the Valley has seen in the years since the company’s launch. Erick also asked… Read More

  • On Its One-Year Anniversary, Badgeville Launches A New Product Called Social Fabric

    On Its One-Year Anniversary, Badgeville Launches A New Product Called Social Fabric

    It’s been a year since social rewards and analytics company, Badgeville took home the prize for Audience Choice Winner at TechCrunch Disrupt 2010. Today, Founder and CEO Kris Duggan spoke at this year’s Disrupt to talk about how far the company has come over the past 12 months. When Badgeville started, he says, it had 4 people, $300,000 in seed funding and 10 beta customers. Read More

  • Ashton Kutcher on Evolving as an Angel Investor

    Disrupt Backstage Pass: Ashton Kutcher On Why He Invested In Airbnb

    Ashton Kutcher started dabbling in tech startups a few years ago, but he is no longer a dabbler, as his his Disrupt interview with Charlie Rose last week made clear. Kutcher is an investor in a dozen tech companies, including Skype, Foursquare, Path, and Kevin Rose’s Milk. In this backstage interview with Sarah Lacy, he reveals that he is also an investor in Airbnb (whose CEO Brian… Read More

  • Chris Dixon Interviews Charlie Cheever of Quora

    (Founder Stories) Quora's Charlie Cheever On Building A Disruptive Knowledge Platform

    Last week at Disrupt, Chris Dixon did a version of Founder Stories onstage with Quora founder Charlie Cheever. We learned that Quora is not looking to sell, but we also learned a lot more. For instance, what convinced Cheever to quit Facebook with co-founder Adam D’Angelo was that tried to “imagine a world where I knew everything that I wanted to know, as long as someone else in… Read More

  • Disrupt NYC, In Tweets

    I am still recovering from Disrupt NYC. It was our biggest event ever, and we’ll be posting more videos and highlights throughout the next few days. But here are a couple of charts that give a snapshot of the activity around the event as measured by Tweets with the event hashtag #TCDisrupt (thanks for the charts, Simply Measured). In the chart above you can see the distribution of… Read More

  • Disrupting Transportation - Electric Vs. Efficiency

    EcoMotors Chief Don Runkle: "Electric Vehicles Are Not 'Zero Emissions'"

    The chief executive officers of two very different clean tech startups, Brammo and EcoMotors, discussed the relative merits and limitations of clean vehicle technology, at TechCrunch Disrupt in New York on Wednesday. Oregon-based Brammo designs and manufactures all-electric motorcycles and the battery technology and software that powers them, while Michigan-based EcoMotors designs and makes… Read More

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