Get to the growth stage at TechCrunch Disrupt this week

Congratulations, you landed your Series A round. What’s next? Your Series B, and a lot of twists and turns. Yasmin Razavi of Spark Capital and Elliott Robinson of Bessemer are joining us at TechCrun

Juul says it will use technology to help you quit e-cigarettes, too

E-cigarette maker Juul plans to use technology like user authentication and a tool set for tracking e-cigarette usage to help people quit its product, according to Juul’s co-founder and Chief Pr

Cyan Banister shares her journey from homeless teen to VC

This morning at TechCrunch SF 2018, Founders Fund partner Cyan Banister shared her inspirational journey from a homeless teen at the age of 15 to now a venture capitalist who’s invested in start

Aiden closes $750,000 seed round in its quest to amplify marketers

Aiden, a London-based startup building a machine learning-powered personal assistant to save mobile marketers time and money, closed a $750,000 seed round today from Kima Ventures and a number of ange

Postmates Will Deliver Bastian Lehmann Via Bike To The Disrupt New York Stage

Okay, the bike thing probably isn't true but Postmates co-founder and CEO Bastian Lehmann will join us on stage at TC Disrupt New York in May. Almost four years ago, Lehmann stepped onto the TechCr

A Random Walk Down Hardware Alley

I've been in a lot of alleys and my favorite one is Hardware Alley. Every year at <a href="">TechCrunch Disrupt</a> I get to invite a few dozen hardware companies t

Security Cam Maker Dropcam Announces A Location-Based Motion Sensor

<a target="_blank" href="">Dropcam</a>, the makers of a plug and play security camera system, announced a new sensor, called Tabs, to add new functionality to the camera platfor

S’moretgage Launches To Bring Real-Time Mortgage Data To Real Estate Investors

Today at TechCrunch Disrupt NY, S'moretgage kicked off its service that aims to get more real estate data to real estate investors more quickly. The more you know, the better choices you can make,

Your Board Game Is In My Video Game: Tangible Play Mixes The Real And Virtual

What do you get when you put a pair of board gaming geeks who have worked at NVIDIA, Google, LucasArts, and Ubisoft together in the same room? It probably looks like Tangible Play, debuting at Disrupt

Outline Raises $850K To Make Public Policy Tools Accessible To All State Residents

Born at Berkeley as Politify, a fun app to compare the personal impacts of tax plans of then rival candidates for president, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, Outline is building a tool to demystify the p

Layer Brings A Scalable Communications Platform To Any Mobile Or Web App

<a target="_blank" href="">Layer</a>, a new startup launching at TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco 2013 today, is ambitiously attempting to build a communications fabric - a "layer," i

Watch The Real-Life TacoCopter Drop Some Delicious Mexican Food From 20 Feet

When the inevitable happens and the robots take over the world, let's all hope that Skycatch's real, live Taco Copter will bring delightful Mexican treats over the fence to the last remnants of humani

Handle Is A Priority Engine And Task Management App For Your Inbox

<a target="_blank" href="">Menlo Ventures</a> partner Shawn Carolan searched for over five years to find an investment tackling the probl

Path’s Dave Morin And Benchmark Capital’s Matt Cohler Will Join Us At Disrupt SF!

Well, the agenda for <a href="">TechCrunch Disrupt SF</a> is shaping up nicely, <em>really</em> nicely. And today we've got another two Valle

Six Must-Watch On-Stage Videos From Disrupt

We have hours and hours of quality video from this year's <a href="">Disrupt SF</a>, and you can browse it all <a href="">over at TCTV</a>

TalkTo Allows Consumers To SMS Any Local Business And Get A Quick Response

Have you ever called a local restaurant, store or service professional and been put on hold for more than give minutes? Or worse, you can't get through to a representative and are left leaving a messa

Verious Launches First Marketplace For Mobile App Components

Today, TechCrunch Disrupt finalist <a href="">Verious</a> is launching the world's first marketplace for mobile application components - that is, the libraries, the SDKs (softwa

Spool Is Instapaper On Steroids

<a href="">Spool</a> is a new service aimed at addressing the problem created by the multi-device, multi-screen environment we now live in, where the content consumption experienc

Facebook Co-Founder Dustin Moskovitz Talks About Facebook’s Early Days, And What’s Wrong With Google+

<a href="">Dustin Moskovitz</a>, co-founder of Facebook and, more recently, of enterprise collaboration software company <a href="http://www.crunchbase

On Its One-Year Anniversary, Badgeville Launches A New Product Called Social Fabric

It's been a year since social rewards and analytics company, <a href="">Badgeville</a> took home the prize for <a href="
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