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When will the paper unicorns fold?

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Turns out most unicorns today are more myth than reality

Most unicorns never were what they were purported to be. Instead, a lot of startups were granted big budgets to LARP as unicorns.

Hey look, unicorns are rare again!

Investors are no longer minting nearly two unicorns per day. In fact, we're down to barely more than one new mythical horned horse per week.

Have startup valuations fallen enough to feel sane again?

Let's find out the current premium venture investors are paying for startup shares, and see if we can find anything new compared to 2022 data.

US investors slash Byju’s and Swiggy valuation

Byju's and Swiggy, among the biggest Indian startups, are taking a haircut in their valuations — at least in the eyes of their backers.

Bummed out from the last week? Here’s some bullish news for software companies

Amid the chaos, there are rays of good news: PagerDuty and UiPath posted impressive earnings reports, and software valuations bounced off recent lows.

Valuation pressure on software startups is easing

When it comes to startup valuations, no one seems to expect things to go back to 2021. But better? Who doesn't love that?

When do we reach the unicorn death cliff?

Recent data from SVB indicates that quite a lot of unicorns still have plenty of runway.

Unity’s earnings show just how hard it is to earn a 10x software multiple today

In the case of Unity, the lesson is simple: It's hard as hell to earn, let alone defend, a 10x revenue multiple in today's market.

You’re not going to grow into your 2021 valuation

If you are growing slower than 30%, there is a strong chance that you will never be able to match your 2021 valuation.

3 methods for valuing pre-revenue novel AI startups

Valuing startups is an established process today, but do the methods employed apply equally to pre-revenue companies using novel AI?

How to respond when a VC asks about your startup’s valuation

Founders are at a distinct disadvantage in the valuation game. By design, VCs play this game far better than most founders ever will.

Worry not: Down rounds are still rare by historical standards

According to data from Cooley, down rounds, while up from near extinction last year, remain depressed compared to recent history.

Interim rate of return: A better approach to valuing early-stage startups

The interim rate of return method allows convertible instruments to get back to basics, avoiding discussions of early-stage value.

How startups can lower their chance of a down round in a downturn

Forge data provides a fascinating lens into how fast things changed and offers advice to startups when it comes to taking lumps in the fundraising market.

The startup and venture markets are coming back to square one

It's becoming clearer that whatever the hell happened in the past couple of years no new-normal. It was just a party that has since wound down.

VCs decipher the recent fintech layoffs — and why they’re happening now

Fintech unicorns and decacorns are not immune to challenging economic and fundraising conditions. VCs unpack what's going on.

Welcome to the late-stage discount market, where everything is on sale and few folks are buying

Let's examine the pain that late-stage startups are dealing with today, and what it could mean for unicorns jammed between changing venture preferences and a seemingly closed IPO market.

Why Q3’s median valuations actually make perfect sense

Valuations have been top of mind this year as VCs navigate their overvalued portfolios and founders scramble to conserve cash and grow into lofty valuations.

The unicorn funding slump is worse than you thought

If unicorns are not able to raise as much this year as they did in, say, 2019, how many of the billion-dollar-plus startups are going to survive?
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