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Purdue Research Cracks Both Of Solar Energy's Roadblocks, Road Opens In 2013

<img src="" />Whenever I overhear conversations on the environment, the common consensus is always, "why don't they just put solar panels

Video: Retractable, Portable Solar Power Unit

<img src="" /> Solar energy is progressing: Japan-based OS has developed the so-called <a href="

New Tech Reduces Production Costs Of Solar Cells By Up To 70%

<img src="" /> The <a href="">Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology</a> (JAIST) has

Sanyo To Mass-Produce World's Most Efficient Solar Cells

<img src="" /> Yesterday, we <a href="">re

Sharp To Start Mass-Producing Efficient Solar Cells

<img src="" /> Back in September, <a href="

Sharp Sets New Record For Solar Cell Efficiency

<img src="" /> If there's something solar energy as a technology needs, then it's better and cheaper solar cells. And now Sharp has

Solar industry creating jobs, not just juice

<img src="" />It appears that there may be a recession proof industry after all. The Solar Energies Industry Association just releas

Thin, flexible "solar threads" to turn fabrics into power generators

<img src="" /> A Tokyo-based venture called <a href="">ideal Star</a> [JP] has developed a new method

Sharp to bring solar-powered cell phone to China (and possibly elsewhere, too)

<img src="" /> Sharp, the biggest (in terms of market share) of all eight major Japanese cell phone maker

Panasonic ready to pump $1.1 billion into solar energy business

<img src="" /> There's a reason why Panasonic <a href="

Sharp develops efficient solar cells for use in outer space

<img src="" /> Earlier this year, we <a href="

Sanyo develops solar cell that's thinner than hair

<img src="" /> Sanyo is in the news today, and again it's about the company's green tech power. The company today <a href="http://jp

Sharp to release world's most efficient solar cell

<img src="" /> Sharp Japan announced today it has developed a <a href="">sola

Japanese company sells carports with solar panel roofs

<img src="" /> Solar energy is being used in a number of applications already, but carports are something new. Japan-base

They now use solar technology to propel satellites

<img src="" /> Japan is getting more active in the solar energy field <a href="

Sanyo's portable solar panel makes solar energy useful for gadget freaks

<img src="" /> Sanyo added a few new products to its successful <a href="">eneloop</a>

Japan wants 32,000 schools to go solar by 2020

<img src="" /> Solar energy remains a hot topic (no pun intended) in Japan. As part of a huge economic stimulus plan, the government

Japan to generate solar power in outer space, then beam it to earth

<img src="" /> This may sound ridiculous first time you hear it, but Japan <span style="font-style:italic;">is</span> thinking about

Dai Nippon's organic solar cells pave way for cheaper solar energy

<img src="" /> I think everyone agrees that using solar energy is generally a good thing to do, but there are usually two

Desert town to get "green" electricity through superconducting wires

<img src="" /> Japan's version of the MIT, the <a href="">University of Tokyo</a>, plans to t
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