Harri Weber

Harri Weber is a senior writer at TechCrunch covering climate. Her work has been published in outlets such as Gizmodo, Fast Company, VentureBeat, dot.LA, Input and The Next Web.

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Carbon capture is headed for the high seas

Unless you live near a port, you probably don’t think much about the tens of thousands of container ships tearing through the seas, hauling some 1.8 billion metric tons of stuff each year. Yet these

Al Gore’s Generation just launched its largest-ever growth fund

Generation Investment Management, a sustainability-focused public and private equity firm co-founded by Al Gore, is upping its bet on growth-stage companies via a new $1.7 billion fund. With $36 billi

SkySpecs watches wind turbines from above, lands $80M led by Goldman Sachs

As wind energy gains ground in the U.S., SkySpecs is using drones and AI to detect future equipment failures before they grind those giant turbine blades to a halt. The company, which works with wind

‘My competition is climate change’: Carbon Clean raises $150M led by Chevron

Carbon Clean, a startup focused on capturing harmful factory emissions before they enter the atmosphere, has secured a hefty $150 million series C round led by oil company Chevron. Aiming to carry out

Xos shows off two new EVs as diesel-guzzling fleets inch toward electrification

Xos, an EV company that specializes in commercial trucks, took the wraps off two new vehicles this evening as it looks to become a leading provider and “operating system” for battery-powered fleet

Daniel Ek pumps $50 million into Spotify: ‘I believe our best days are ahead’

Spotify co-founder Daniel Ek said on Friday that he’s pouring $50 million into the music streaming service, driving its stock price up by more than 3% to a high of $108.98 per share during regul

Lithium-ion recycler Li-Cycle lands $200 million to power future EVs

Metals and fossil fuels behemoth Glencore is pumping $200 million into battery recycler Li-Cycle as part of a larger, symbiotic supply deal inked by the two firms. Under the new agreement, the Swiss m

‘Climate entrepreneurs deserve fast capital’: Enduring Planet unwraps a new fintech platform

Enduring Planet, a new fintech firm that exclusively funds climate entrepreneurs, is taking the wraps of its first product after securing $5 million in debt and equity financing. The company aims to d

Porsche joins $400M bet on lithium-silicon batteries to juice up future EVs

Porsche has read the room. With its first electric vehicle now outselling the quintessential 911 sports car, the German automaker is responding by upping its bet on EVs, in part via a hefty investment

Announcing the agenda for TechCrunch Sessions: Climate

From the minds behind TechCrunch comes a brand-new TC Sessions event dedicated to the climate crisis. Leading scientists, entrepreneurs, VCs and more will gather on June 14 at UC Berkeley to examine t

Sealed will eat the cost of decarbonizing your home if it can’t cut your energy waste

If you own a home, Sealed has a heat pump to sell you. The Manhattan-based startup, which helps homeowners replace their oil- and gas-gulping heating systems via an unusual financing model, has secure

Elon Musk wins $13B suit over SolarCity deal Tesla shareholders called a ‘bailout’

A Delaware judge has sided with Elon Musk in a hefty lawsuit brought by Tesla shareholders, which accused the executive of coercing the electric vehicle company’s board into buying SolarCity ba

You know damn well that Trump is coming back to Twitter

Have you enjoyed your 473-day reprieve from @realdonaldtrump? Think back for a moment. Allow your mind to wander to January 8, 2021 … How did you feel? Perhaps you welcomed his sudden absence, takin

Block Head Jack Dorsey tells us what we already knew

Jack Dorsey, the Twitter co-founder and current Block CEO, is no longer the payments firm’s “chief executive officer.” Instead, the executive is choosing to call himself “Block

Can saving trees really turn bitcoin green?

Bitso, a Mexico City-based crypto exchange, is pledging to buy carbon offsets for every bitcoin transaction on its platform to compensate for the cryptocurrency’s environmental toll. It may sound gr