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Harri Weber is a senior writer at TechCrunch covering climate. Her work has also appeared in Gizmodo, Fast Company, VentureBeat, dot.LA, Input and The Next Web.

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VW bails on its plan for a $2.1B EV plant in Germany

Volkswagen’s $2.1 billion plan to launch a dedicated electric-vehicle factory in Wolfsburg, Germany is kaput.  The automaker instead reportedly plans to modify its existing plants in Zwickau an

DOJ says eBay sold thousands of illegal, poisonous and polluting products

The Department of Justice raked eBay over the proverbial coals today, accusing the online retailer of “unlawfully selling and distributing hundreds of thousands” of products that threaten

AppCyclers wants to fight e-waste pollution across Africa

Most electronic waste isn’t recycled; instead, our dumped devices (and the toxic metals within) pile up in landfills, polluting the air and contaminating nearby soil and groundwater. Ghana-based

PureSpace prevents spoiled produce by removing ripening gas

The UN estimates that about one-third of all food produced goes to waste before it even gets the chance to decompose in your fridge. That abysmal stat explains one key reason why leading VCs and celeb

Agtech leaders dish on untapped and overlooked opportunities for founders

Lab-grown meat is buzzy for a reason. The ick factor is palpable, and the benefits of scaling alternatives to factory farming are enormous. Yet, plenty of other crucial corners of agriculture often go

AI startup speeds up the creation of climate-resilient crops

Creating crops that’ll endure climate change — think worse droughts, heat waves and pests — is a time-consuming and costly feat. Avalo is betting its machine learning models can speed that p

Volvo will make its last diesel car in 2024

Volvo’s last diesel car will roll off the line “by early 2024,” the company said on Tuesday. The writing’s been on the wall for several years. As far back as 2017, the Geely-ow

French battery maker Verkor scores $2.1B to build gigafactory

Another day, another monster raise for an EV battery company. This time it’s Verkor, the Renault-backed French battery builder, which said on Thursday that it secured “more than €2 billi

Lyten is the latest EV battery startup to score hundreds of millions

Lyten, a startup that aims to crank out lightweight, lithium-sulfur batteries for EVs, announced a $200 million round on Tuesday.

Battery recycling heats up with Ascend Elements’ $542M Series D

Venture funding for battery recycling startups is popping off lately, and the latest to see the IRA-driven upside is Ascend Elements, which announced a massive $542 million in Series D funding on top

Cybertruck spied with updated interior

The summer of 2023 is almost over and still we don’t have a Cybertruck. But thanks to an apparent serendipitous visit to a regular ol’ parking lot in San Francisco, there are some fresh i

Spotify strips lyrics from free tier for some users in new ‘test’

Spotify’s user base is growing faster than ever, but its paid-subscriber growth isn’t keeping pace with free listeners. That may be why it’s exploring pushing lyrics behind the paywa

Tesla decreases the price of FSD beta to $12,000

Tesla just chopped $3,000 off the price of its “full self-driving” beta software. The 20% cut brings the cost of FSD down to $12,000 in North America. That’s precisely what Tesla pre

Tesla packs higher-end Model S and X features into Model 3 refresh

Tesla (or at least Tesla Europe) is finally ready to talk about its long-awaited, mid-cycle Model 3 refresh. The revamped vehicle will ship with several features that were previously exclusive to Tesl

See the complete Sustainability Stage agenda at TechCrunch Disrupt 2023

Keeping apace of the latest trends and innovation in climate tech and sustainability — an area that touches every industry and city — is nearly impossible. It’s why we created the Sustainabi

SpaceX alums say they’ll bring rocket reliability to EV charging

Electric Era says it cracked the code for fast and reliable electric-vehicle charging stations that can go wherever they’re needed. Founded by former SpaceX engineers, the startup just announced

Teeny EV startup Arcimoto hooks up with defense contractor

What happens when a maker of tiny electric vehicles dips its wheels into the military industrial complex? We’re about to find out. On Monday, Arcimoto said it is diversifying beyond its usual bu

San Francisco presses CPUC to halt Waymo, Cruise robotaxi expansions

California regulators gave Waymo and Cruise the OK last week to scale up their robotaxi services in San Francisco, but now it seems the city itself won’t have it. On Wednesday, San Francisco Cit

Electrify America–backed 75MW solar farm kicks off operations

Electrify America, the EV charging company created by Volkswagen in the aftermath of its diesel emissions scandal, said on Tuesday that a new, 75 megawatt solar farm in Southern California is now up a

Ford’s hands-off driving tech only available by subscription

Ford shared on Monday that it’s heading deeper into the software game by making its hands-free driving hardware — BlueCruise — standard in many of its future vehicles. In other words, the De
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