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Harri Weber is a senior writer at TechCrunch covering climate. Her work has also appeared in Gizmodo, Fast Company, VentureBeat, dot.LA, Input and The Next Web.

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What is this? A car for ants? Volvo hypes EX30’s ‘smaller’ CO2 footprint

Volvo is back with new details on its forthcoming EX30 electric SUV. This time, the Swedish automaker is talking up the vehicle’s carbon footprint, claiming it is smaller “than any Volvo c

Big sauce wants your condiment data

As tech conglomerates and moneyed men call for AI dealers to pump their brakes, I believe another emergent technology, Heinz Remix, warrants close examination. At first, Heinz Remix simply appears to

Night sweats to climate tech: Kelvin eyes heat pumps and nabs $30M

Radiator Labs, a company born to solve steam radiator night sweats (an all–too–common problem in cities such as New York), is expanding beyond smart radiator covers with $30 million in fre

Teenage Engineering teases the tape recorder of my dreams, only it’s digital

The kooky geniuses at Teenage Engineering are back with a new gadget that is guaranteed to make you salivate until its price tag smacks you back to reality. The maker of drool-worthy synthesizers just

Tinder-inspired Cala dares you to swipe left on useless meetings

Move over, meat market and, um…hello, meet market. A two-person team made some waves this week with Cala, a web app they’re marketing as “Tinder for canceling meetings.” The fr

Tesla brings back the long-range Model 3 with an 18% discount

After a nearly nine-month hiatus, Tesla has reopened orders for its long-range Model 3. The vehicle reappeared on the automaker’s website earlier this week with a steep price drop. It previously

Elon Musk reportedly settles defamation suit after saying he’d never ‘surrender an unjust case’

A defamation case brought against Tesla chief executive Elon Musk by critic Randeep Hothi is coming to a close, reportedly costing the billionaire ten big ones.  Lawyers representing Hothi, a vocal m

EV owners in Texas face $200 annual fee

States have taxed motorists at the pump for more than a century. Yet, as electric cars gain ground, what happens when folks stop refueling altogether? State lawmakers are increasingly imposing annual

Honda says first e:Architecture-based EV is coming sooner than planned

Honda said today that it plans to release its first e:Architecture-based electric vehicle in North America in 2025. That’s a year earlier than the Japanese automaker originally said it would int

Big-time VCs link arms for climate coalition

About two-dozen venture capital firms say they are teaming up to “build a robust movement” in the VC business to combat the climate crisis. The group calls itself the Venture Climate Allia

Three-wheeled EV startup Arcimoto shuffles leadership again

A newish leadership team is taking over at Arcimoto, a Eugene, Oregon–based startup that makes doorless, three-wheeled electric vehicles. On Thursday, the company said that board member Chris Dawson

Netflix will crack down on password sharing this summer

Netflix’s long-awaited crackdown on password sharing is coming soon to the U.S., the streamer said on Tuesday. Netflix originally planned to roll out “paid sharing” in the States dur

Netflix kisses mail-order DVDs goodbye

More than 16 years after pivoting to streaming, Netflix is saying goodbye to its mail-order DVD business. The company plans to shutter the service by the end of September, it announced on Tuesday. Ah,

Internet abuzz over suspected redesigned Tesla Model 3

Did someone just leak the front half of Tesla’s long-awaited Model 3 refresh? Car internet is abuzz over a photo that — some Redditors suspect — could show an update to the automaker’s

GM leads $50M EnergyX deal to lock down lithium for its EVs

Eager to secure all the lithium it needs to power a growing lineup of electric vehicles, General Motors said on Tuesday that it will lead a $50 million investment into lithium extraction and refining

‘Drink to dust’: Startup says just smash its clay alternative to plastic cups

Disposable plastic and paper cups are an environmental mess. GaeaStar, a startup based in Berlin and San Francisco, thinks it can do better with just clay, water, salt and sand. After piloting disposa

Apple (re)invents the iPod

Apple has devised a pocket-sized companion that (hypothetically) does it all: music, videos AND books, sans the nagging smartphone or clumsy smartwatch. Cupertino, you’re so close. In a patent a

Gen Phoenix’s upcycled leather woos luxury brand investors

The materials developer formerly known as ELeather has a new name and $18 million in fresh growth funding from some of the world’s fanciest brands. Now going by Generation Phoenix, the upcycler

Tesla’s silly new accessory is a big, tough home charger

Meet Tesla’s latest gadget: A home charging station that looks as futuristic as a Porsche hard drive from the early 2010s.  The Cybervault seems to be a Tesla Wall Connector in a decidedly Cyb

Sustainability at Disrupt

TechCrunch Disrupt 2023 will have a whole new look this fall with one aim in mind: bring together investors, founders and technologists who have specific industry interests — all under one roof
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