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Harri Weber is a senior writer at TechCrunch covering climate. Her work has also appeared in Gizmodo, Fast Company, VentureBeat, dot.LA, Input and The Next Web.

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Irrigreen’s precision sprinklers prevent water waste and wet legs

Investors just pumped millions into Irrigreen, a startup vying to quench America’s thirsty lawns with “approximately 50% less water.” Seed investor Ulu led the $15 million funding ro

Startup says the seaweed blobbing toward Florida has a silver lining

A brown macroalgae native to the Atlantic’s Sargasso Sea is increasingly a menace to coastal ecosystems and communities across the Gulf of Mexico, ever since mats of the normally beneficial seaw

Rawr? Green Li-ion recharges with $20.5M to scale its recycling tech

Green Li-ion says its battery recycling machines are the “size of a small house,” so it’s no wonder the Singapore-based startup needed to top up on funds. It’d only raised abou

Elemental aims to pump $43M into climate startups with ‘deep community impact’

Elemental Excelerator, a nonprofit investor in climate-tech startups including BlocPower and ChargerHelp, says it’s “doubling down” in the wake of Silicon Valley Bank‘s coll

Tesla has a home battery to sell you, with or without solar

Tesla is opening up Powerwall home battery sales, nearly two years after limiting them because its supply was “too low.” Tesla announced its backup battery tech long ago, in 2015, explicit

Microsoft bets on algae to mitigate its growing carbon footprint

Like all of its peers in the tech industry, Microsoft has a carbon pollution problem. The software giant’s emissions are on the rise, in spite of a pledge from the company to be carbon negative

Climate tech startups team up to decarbonize Arizona concrete plant

Local governments in the southwestern U.S. are putting up $150,000 to back what they say is a pioneering effort to “turn air into concrete at scale.” The funds will help cover the cost of

Honda’s aging hydrogen fuel cells get new life in data center

Honda bailed on the Clarity — its only hydrogen-powered car in the U.S. — but the automaker hasn’t quit on fuel cells. That’s the message Honda sent with a peculiar announcement today:

Everything Elon Musk and execs shared (and skipped) at Tesla Investor Day

The big, giant message Tesla CEO Elon Musk and other execs tried to impart during its four-hour Tesla Investor Day was how the company would be the driver of a global shift away from fossil fuels and

Startup inks $65M deal to help Air Force make ‘sustainable’ jet fuel on bases

Air Company, a startup that turns carbon dioxide into perfume, vodka, hand sanitizer and aviation fuel, is now on the U.S. Defense Department’s payroll, so to speak. The JetBlue and Toyota-backe

Arcimoto promises new 3-wheeled EVs will steer better as it ramps up 2023 deliveries

Arcimoto, maker of doorless three-wheelers, says it is about ready to bang out some new electric vehicles. That’s quite a turnaround from January, when the EV startup halted production and warne

Pass the grass: How Plantd aims to decarbonize new buildings

No matter how you slice it, buildings are serious climate change drivers. Every component of the so-called built environment — from off-site materials production and construction to electricity and

The Arcimoto Fun Utility Vehicle is a blast (that might not last)

“That doesn’t look safe.” The statement would follow me for days. Every time I mentioned I was test driving Arcimoto’s Fun Utility Vehicle — an open-air, all-electric three-wheeler — a fri

BoxPower wants to cut emissions, wildfire risk by taking power off the main grid

After sparking California’s second-largest wildfire ever, and dozens more in recent years, it’s no secret that Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) — one of the nation’s largest uti

Recycleye grabs $17M, calling plastic crisis a ‘tremendous business opportunity’

Highlighting the plastic industry’s infamous track record on recycling, London-based Recycleye says it raised $17 million in new funding led by “deep tech” investor DCVC. The startup

Plant-based Rebellyous is raising millions to ‘rethink the nugget’

Rebellyous, a startup that’s striving to build “a better chicken,” has raised at least $20 million in fresh funding, TechCrunch has learned. Based in Seattle, the venture-backed comp

‘Keep Lex filthy’: Users react to queer dating app’s new direction

Lex, the hookup and social app that launched in 2019 with a nod to lesbian personal ads from the ’80s, is changing. Only, precisely how much will change is still an open question. Sure, the venture-

Mark Cuban’s bidet brand buys shower startup that wooed Tim Cook

The folks behind Nebia — the techy shower-head startup backed by Apple CEO Tim Cook and a host of other big names — have sold to Mark Cuban’s Brondell, which makes bidets, air purifiers and

Tesla’s energy storage arm caps 2022 with ‘highest level’ of deployments ever

The growth keeps coming for Tesla’s energy storage business. On Wednesday, the automaker said its home and utility-scale battery deployments reached 6.5 gigawatt hours (GWh) during its fiscal 20

GM, please build the baby EV pickup of my dreams

In an industry obsessed with making everything huge (at least here in the U.S.), you may not’ve expected GM to show interest in an electric baby pickup, but here we are. GM is considering a pick
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