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Brigade Media Raises $9.3M From Sean Parker To Shake Up American Democracy

Stealthy, unlaunched startup Brigade Media has raised $9.3 million from Sean Parker of Facebook fame, along with unknown sums from Ron Conway and Marc Benioff, TechCrunch has learned. Parker’s i

Ron Conway Asks Tech CEOs To Step Up For Ellis Act Reform, Stop Evictions

Ron Conway, the widely influential angel investor, is asking tech CEOs across San Francisco to support Ellis Act reform, which will help slow no-fault evictions of long-time residents as rents across

Ron Conway: There Needs To Be More Silicon Valley Debate About NSA, But I’m Not The Guy Who Will Lead It

<a target="_blank" href="">Ron Conway</a>, one of the more powerful investors in Silicon Valley, today defended his position of not getting involved in issue

SV Angel Team Counters Chamath Palihapitiya’s Startup Skepticism: ‘Innovation Is Not Dead’

Michael Arrington began moderating a panel at Disrupt NY today with Ron Conway, David Lee, and Brian Pokorny of SV Angel by noting that he was "pissed off" by investor Chamath Palipitiya's comments on

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee Visits A Different Tech Company Every Tuesday

Our first group on stage at TechCrunch Disrupt is Michael Arrington speaking with San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee and VC Ron Conway. The group is discussing the amazing growth in tech jobs within the city

Crowdfund A Needy Kid’s Education With Conway-Backed

It's too common a story: smart, low-income kid can't find their academic passion, so they drop out of school. But now you can rewrite this tragic tale with the help of <a href="">W

Ari Emanuel Told Marc Andreessen, Ron Conway That He’ll Help Them Fight SOPA

During the Q&A of a press conference for <a href="">the SFCiti

Ron Conway, Mayor Lee And Heather Harde Launch sfCITI, Want To Keep SF At The Forefront Of Tech

At a press conference at San Francisco's <a href="">Founders Den</a>, newly elected Mayor Ed Lee announced sfCITI (San Francisco Citizens Initiative for Technology & Inn

Dublin’s Datahug Raises $1.5 Million From Ron Conway, VC Firm

Enterprise relationship startup <a href="">Datahug</a> has scored <a href="">$1.5 million</a> in a seed funding round led by Ireland-bas

Ron Conway, Marissa Mayer, MC Hammer And Others Endorse SF Mayoral Candidate Ed Lee In Amazingly Silly Video

Good morning everybody. In case you needed a reason to stare at your computer screen dumbfounded for a few minutes, here is an amazing video, financed by tech titans <a href="

Ron Conway: 'New York Tech Is Here To Stay'

<img src="" />Today, at Disrupt NYC, CEO & Co-founder of Hunch <a href="">Chris Di

SV Angel Partners with Lerer Ventures to Cross Syndicate Valley/NYC Deals

<img class="alignleft size-medium wp-image-306639" title="partnerships5-1" src="" alt="" width="300" height="216" /></a>Yester

David Lee and Ron Conway Bust Entrepreneur Myths on Stage at Disrupt

<img src="" />Entrepreneurs are inherently individuals, so rolling their experiences up into trends isn't easy. That's made wo

Ron Conway and David Lee Hint at New Fund. By "Hint" I Mean Mike Breaks Their News For Them

<img src="" />Here's the awful thing about having Mike Arrington as an investor in your fund. You don't get to control over wh

The Betrayal of Bnter

<img src="" class="shot2">We filmed this week's <a href="

Why Even Ron Conway Couldn’t Persuade Me To Move To Silicon Valley

<img src=""> <em><strong>Editor's note</strong>: <a href="">Reggie Bradford</a> is th

SEC Watch: Start Fund Raises First Round, Totaling Nearly $6.5 Million

<img src="" class="shot2" /> Remember <a href="">Start Fund</a>, the investment vehicl

How'd Sequoia Let Yuri Milner Grab this Sweetheart Y Combinator Deal?

<img class="alignleft size-medium wp-image-269231" title="yoink128566261268737336" src="" alt="" width="300" height="24

Unvarnished Becomes, Raises $1.2 Million And Opens The Floodgates

<img src="" alt="" /><a href="">Unvarnished</a> is all grown up. The self-described reputation

Ron Conway's SV Angel Rakes In Another $9 Million

<img src="" />An <a href="
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