NINOKUNI: Sony Japan Announces Limited Edition (And Pretty) PS3

Japan is getting yet <a href="">another</a> <a href="

Is Sony Ditching Component Video On Future PS3 Models?

Component video's glory days are behind it. Sony might even be getting rid of it on future PS3 models. But, if this is true, it's likely more to do with the Blu-ray's restrictions than Sony's hatred o

China Close To Allowing Freer Access To Console Games

<img src="">China has always, as Kotaku writes, "cockblocked" consoles. The reasons are manifold, but the official party line is that a b

Supply Line Sources Say PS4 Coming In 2012

<img src="" />Taiwanese daily Digitimes is <a href="">reporting</a> that Sony is plann

Via PlayView: PS3 Gets "World's First Visual Magazine" In 4K×2K Resolution And 3D

<img src="" /> Last year, <a href="">Sony</a> unveiled <a href="

Shake-up At Sony: PlayStation Inventor Retires, Kaz Hirai Becomes Chairman Of Sony Computer Entertainment

<img src="" /> Following the security breach in the <a href="

Sony To Drop PS3 Price In August?

<img src="" alt="" title="angry-kitten" width="270" height="251" class="alignright size-full wp-image-217869" />While <a href="http

CECH-3000B: Sony Announces Lighter, More Power-Efficient PS3 Model

<img src="" /> Sony Computer Entertainment <a href="">announced</a> [JP] th

Phaser Attachment For Playstation Move: It Doesn't Get Much Nerdier

There’s really not much to add, here. The game they showed was “pre-alpha” so don’t expect this thing for like a year. Or rather, expect it breathlessly. But really, whether th

Sony Announces New 3D Monitor And Glasses In $500 PS3 Gaming Bundle

Sony has just announced a brand new 24-inch 3D HD display designed by them specifically for gaming. It uses active shutter glasses to produce 3D, and I’m guessing from the size and terminology t

Japan Gets Exclusive Tales of Xillia PS3 Bundle

<img src="" /> It's been a while since the <a href="

Sony CEO Goes On The Defensive In Face Of PSN Outage Criticisms

<img src="" />Howard Stringer, <a href="">Sony's</a> CEO and the most visible tar

PSN Debacle Starts To Show At Retail As PS3 Trade-Ins Skyrocket

<img src="" />If anyone was on the fence about whether or not to trade in their PS3, the last few weeks seem to have caused them to make u

The PSN Outage Should Last Until May 31st

<img src="">Sony is performing the old salt-in-the-wound trick by informing <a HREF="

Reminder From Sony: Don't Give Your Credit Card Number To Strangers

Sony has released a brief update on its security situation, assuring people that their passwords were indeed hashed and are likely inaccessible. They also note, and this is important, they will not be

Sony Says PSN Services Will Resume Shortly, Offers Apology

<img src="" />As the initial hysteria (mostly justified) surrounding the <a href="

The Cloud Has Us All In A Fog

<img src="" />Ever heard of <a href="">Dropship</a>? It's an open-source project that "enables arbitrary, an

More PSN Developments: FBI, Credit Card Databases, And Hard Questions For Sony

<img src="" />The PSN debacle is continually evolving as the extent of the damage is made clear, though it should be noted that we're s

PSN Breach: Credit Cards Encrypted, Other Things Not So Much

<img src="" />This information was in the link I put earlier, but just so it's clear: Sony states that all credit ca

First Lawsuit Filed Against Sony For PSN Breach

There’s just no way around it. Sony really screwed up. And not just in the way they consistently have in the past. I mean big time. The outage that started last week and was finally addressed ye
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