HBO Go Lands On PlayStation 3, With PS4 On Deck

Sony has today announced that HBO Go will land on the PS3 later today, with PS4 integration in the pipeline.

This will allow PlayStation 3 owners to access all of HBO’s content, including TV series, movies, etc. as long as they already have an HBO subscription with their cable providers. Or a friend with an HBO subscription.

HBO has been carefully watching the uptake of HBO Go and expanding the on-demand service across multiple devices. In the summer, HBO Go landed on Apple TV and has since been pushed to Google’s new Chromecast dongle. It’s also available on the Xbox 360 as well as Roku devices.

HBO makes some of the best content on television, including Game Of Thrones, Girls, True Detective, and Boardwalk Empire.

PS3 owners should be able to access HBO Go by this afternoon.