The Last Guardian is definitely (probably) coming to PS4 this October

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Several times, year after year. But Sony kicked off this year’s big pre-E3 press conference with yet another glimpse at the long awaited game, The Last Guardian. But the company had a little something extra up its sleeve this time: an honest-to-goodness release date.

After years of delays and general vagueness around the long awaited fantasy game, the company offered up the briefest of hopeful glimpses, followed by the date October 25th, 2016. The game, which centers around the friendship between a young boy and a giant dog/cat/bird monster, has been in development since 2007, with an initial planned release of 2011 for the PlayStation 3.

And while it’s not quite Duke Nukem, constant delays have led to much speculation about whether the title would ever see the light of day. In 2012, development shifted to the PS4, and if things go according to plan, eager fans will finally get their hands on the thing in time for Halloween.