PlayStation 4 To Finally Gain Media Playback Capability Tonight

The PlayStation 4 will soon stream content from DLNA source or connected USB device. The update comes tonight. Finally.

Sony announced the impending update in a pre-show to its E3 press conference. The update will start rolling out to PS4s tonight, but as with updates, your millage could very. But soon, very soon, one of the most requested PS3 features will finally hit the next generation.

When Sony launched the PlayStation 4 two years ago, the system’s gaming chops were the highlight. It was a gaming system before media player, Sony would say. Likewise, Microsoft pushed the Xbox One’s media center features. Sony strategy worked and the PS4 quickly outsold the Xbox One. But buyers quickly discovered that the PS4 lacked a basic functionality of its predecessor (and the Xbox One) most notable the ability to stream video, pictures and music from local sources.

Two years after its launch Sony is finally adding the capability into the PS4. Better late than never, right?