Parenting Hero helps parents figure out how to talk to their kids

Parenting Hero is an app created on the premise no matter how many parenting books you read, a lot of that knowledge vacates your brain when faced with an indignant child on the verge of a meltdown. T

Bambino app helps parents find babysitters recommended by their neighbors

Parenting young children involves a lot of logistics, including what to do with them when you need to run a last-minute errand, go to an appointment or just have a few hours to decompress. For parents

How high-tech breast pumps help new mothers reclaim their time

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Flipkart backs parenting network TinyStep with $2 million investment

Indian e-commerce firm Flipkart is in the midst of transition after it welcomed a new CEO this month, but that hasn't stopped it from investing $2 million in parenting startup TinyStep.

This Teddy Bear Could Have Exposed Your Child’s Identity

Are smart toys worth the risk? That's a question parents are asking themselves these days as they weigh the usefulness and delight that comes from cloud-connected toys, with the potential for them to

Postmates And Twitter Product Guru Sara Mauskopf Is Working On Parenting App Called “Winnie”

During stints at Postmates, Twitter, YouTube and Google, Sara Mauskopf has touched many of the products that you use on a daily basis. With that knowledge, having just left her recent post at Postmate

How Startups Can Become The Unexpected Parental Leave Champs

Work hard, write code, get rich. The technology business is rarely regarded as anything other than fast-paced and family-phobic. But the last few months have felt like a summer of change, as companies

Hatch Baby, Maker Of Smart Products For New Parents, Raises $7M Series A From True Ventures

Hatch Baby, whose Smart Changing Pad is due to ship soon, plans to conceive new tech-based services for parents after raising a $7 million Series A from True Ventures. Other participants in the rou

Mamabear Raises $1.4 Million For A Parenting App That Monitors Children’s Social Media Use And More

While there are a number of family locator services to choose from today, ranging from those offered by the mobile operators to venture-backed startups, a nearly two-year old mobile application cal

Mom Meet Mom Is A For The Stroller Crowd

People may warn you that parenting can be a tougher job than you expected, but they never seem to warn you that it can be a lonely one, too. Mom Meet Mom, an up-and-coming service built by three wome

Backed By $1.5 Million, Smile Mom Debuts A Mobile Community For Nearby Moms

Moms feeling guilty about baby-spamming Facebook with their child's photos and their every precious moment now have a more private alternative for those updates, thanks to a new mobile social network

New Parenting Site MommyCoach Lets Parents Video Chat With Experts Online

When you become a parent, all of a sudden you realize everyone has an opinion on how that job should be done, from well-meaning in-laws to strangers who walk up to you in the mall and lecture you abou

Introducing Apple’s New “Kids” App Store

Apple has finally take steps to better cater to the children who have adopted its devices, and especially family favorite the iPad, with the launch of a Kids App Store. Arriving this week alongside th

Educational Startup KinderTown Launches KinderSights, Tells App Developers What Parents Want

<a target="_blank" href="">KinderTown</a>, the company that makes the ever-useful educational app store for parents, is rolling out a new service targeted towards app develop

Lessons in parenting: Here's a baby pillow with a built-in MP3 player

<img src="" />Since being a lousy parent seems to be all the rage these days, here's another weapon for your doing-the-bare-minimum arse

Charge your kids for making you drive them around

Do you have no-good, bratty, whiney kids who think the world revolves around them and make you drive them to all the cool hangouts around town just so they can avoid having to sit by themselves in the

Funny: 'Mr. C's 7 Signs That Your Kid May Be A Hacker'

Parents, does your child display any of the traits from the following sequence of amusing cartoon drawings? If so, he or she might be a hacker. Nothing wrong with being a hacker, per se. Let’s j