Netflix now lets you lock your personal profile with a PIN to keep kids (and roommates) out

Want to let your kids poke around Netflix without them wandering their way beyond the kids section? Got a roommate who keeps inexplicably forgetting to use their profile and is totally screwing up your “Continue Watching” list?

Good news! Netflix is now letting users set a PIN to keep individual profiles locked down.

The new feature comes as part of a wider update this morning focusing on improved parental controls.

Other new features include:

  • Filtering titles based on their maturity rating in your country. Useful if you want someone to have access to more than just the kids section while still blocking off anything beyond, say, PG-13.
  • Disabling auto-play on a kid profile to make Octonaut marathons a bit more… intentional.
  • Blocking specific titles by name. Need a break from Boss Baby? Maybe add it to the list for a while.

It’s all pretty basic stuff… but with more people working from home with kids in tow right now, it’s a good time for all of it to land.

Looking for the new controls? Visit in a browser, make sure you’re toggled into a non-kid profile, tap the drop-down arrow in the upper right, hit “Account,” then look for the “Profile & Parental Controls” section — everything should be nested in there, with individual settings for each profile on your account.