Nexus One

  • iPhone Beats Droid, Nexus One And Droid Eris In Touchscreen Performance

    To be honest, I don’t really care which is the better smartphone (or super-duper phone): the iPhone 3GS, the Motorola Droid, HTC’s Droid Eris, Google’s Nexus One, Nokia’s N900 or the Palm Pre. It’s just great to witness this seemingly never-ending advancements in mobile technology, both on a hardware and software level, and to see increased competition drive… Read More

  • Google's Free Airport WiFi Is A Nexus One Promo In Disguise

    Over the last few months Google has been very generously offering free Wi-Fi to travelers at dozens of airports across the country as a sign of holiday cheer. Now it’s becoming clear that their motivations are not purely benevolent: we’re getting multiple reports that when you log into Google’s free Wi-Fi service at some airports, you’re immediately forwared to… Read More

  • With Nexus One And Quattro, The Knives Are Out Between Apple And Google

    Two days ago, the knives came out in full view between Apple and Google. On the same day that Google launched its latest Nexus One Android phone, Apple announced the $275 million acquisition of Quattro Wireless, a mobile advertising platform. It was as if Steve Jobs was sending Eric Schmidt a very public message: You mess with my business, and I’ll mess with yours. With the Nexus… Read More

  • Nexus One Bursts Onto The Mobile Browsing Scene

    As we’re all well aware, the Nexus One is out there now. After Google officially unveiled it on Tuesday, the web analytics firm Clicky starting sniffing for it in its reports. And the (very) early results are impressive. Today is the first day Clicky has any data on the Nexus One and already it has a 0.61% browsing share of the 170,000+ websites that use Clicky Web Analytics. By… Read More

  • MG Talks The Nexus One On Attack Of The Show: "It's A Nice Little Device"

    Yesterday, G4’s Attack Of The Show had our own MG Siegler on to talk about the Nexus One, Googles’ much-hyped new smartphone. MG’s early verdict? It’s “a nice little device”, and “by far the sexiest Android device [he’s] ever seen”. The 5-minute interview covers many of the phone’s new features, including voice-to-text and 3D… Read More

  • Video: Google's "F*ck You iPhone" Phone. The REAL Google Phone (Satire, NSFW)

    As we’re all well aware, Google released the Nexus One yesterday, the first supposed “Google Phone.” But it’s hardly an iPhone killer. For that role, Google has something much more sinister in mind. Meet the “Fuck You iPhone” Phone. I don’t even know where to begin. The best bits: “The fastest processor ever in a mobile device. Also, it fucks… Read More

  • The Nexus One Gets A Priceless Ad On Google's Homepage

    The Nexus One marketing blitz continues. The first official “Google phone” is now being prominently featured on the search giant’s famously spartan homepage. This is the kind of advertising that money can’t buy, because it simply isn’t for sale. And because Google almost never features ads on the page, you can be sure it’s going to be catching quite a… Read More

  • Let The Nexus One Marketing Blitz Begin

    As you’ve probably heard by now, this morning Google finally officially announced the first Google Phone: The Nexus One. Plenty of reviewers and geeks are fawning over the new device, but some are proposing that it won’t even make a blip on the radar for your average consumer. In fact, earlier this evening the Wall Street Journal quoted one analyst as saying, “Unless… Read More

  • Apple And Google Just Tag Teamed The U.S. Carriers

    Google’s event today was supposed to be about one device, the Nexus One. Instead, we heard a lot of: “more devices,” more manufacturers,” “more carriers,” “this is just the beginning.” Today was not about one device, it was about Google’s first step in helping to reshape the mobile landscape in the U.S. And thanks to the groundwork laid… Read More

  • Nobody can keep secrets anymore

    In the age of Twitter, no one can keep a secret. That’s clear from the announcements about the Gphone, the iSlate, and the likely fact that nothing will happen at CES. Comdex has been dead for years, Oracle conferences feature endless rehashes by Scott McNealy about the Sun merger, and in general most trade shows have been denuded of any real news. That leaves product announcements by… Read More

  • AT&T Finishes HSPA 7.2 Updates Early. But Not So Fast…

    Today, AT&T announced that it has completed HSPA 7.2 updates to all its 3G cell sites across the U.S. This was completed earlier than expected as AT&T decided to “expedite” the process to improve customer experience. But don’t get too excited just yet. Despite the upgrade, the faster bandwidth promised by HSPA 7.2 is still limited to a handful of select test… Read More

  • TechCrunch is live from the Nexus One Event

    While it’s technically called the “Android Press Gathering,” we all know what’s coming. Today, Google is expected to formally unveil the Nexus One (the device which some have been referring to as the “Google Phone”). The long event taking place today is expected to have both a presentation as well as demonstrations. Follow our coverage below, live. Read More

  • Google Nexus One: The Official Videos

    This morning saw the launch of Google’s highly anticipated Nexus One “superphone”. During the demonstration, Google showcased a variety of the phone’s features, including a very impressive new photo app, voice input, and more. They’ve now posted a handful of videos showing off each of these features, which we’ve embedded below. The most impressive video of… Read More

  • Android's App Storage Limit Will Be Lifted With A Future Software Update

    Today during Google’s Nexus One event, Android lead Andy Rubin revealed something that’s sure to be a relief for Android users and developers alike: you’ll eventually be able to store a vast number of applications on your phone — even large ones — the same way you can on an iPhone. The change will come with a future software update, when Android begins… Read More

  • Nexus One Coming To Verizon And Vodafone, First Of A "Series Of Devices"

    At today’s Nexus One event, Google announced that Nexus One phone is the “first of many devices,” says Android product manager Mario Queiroz, and that in the spring a CDMA version will be coming to Verizon in the U.S. and Vodafone in Europe. The phones will be available on Google’s new online phone store, and will be available with a service contract. It… Read More

  • Google Nexus One: The TechCrunch Review

    Yesterday Google wasn’t in the business of selling mobile phones. Today, they are. The Nexus One smartphone has arrived and on sale at Our live notes from the event are here. I’ve been using the Nexus One with TMobile since mid-December as my primary mobile phone. This is the best Android powered phone to date. It’s also the fastest and most elegant… Read More

  • The Droid You're Looking For: Live From The Nexus One Event

    While it’s technically called the “Android Press Gathering,” we all know what’s coming. Today, Google is expected to formally unveil the Nexus One (the device which some have been referring to as the “Google Phone“). The long event taking place today is expected to have both a presentation as well as demonstrations. Follow our coverage below, live. Right… Read More

  • Google Nexus One Product Page Briefly Live, Featuring An Android 2.0 Video?

    According to TmoNews, the page where the information about the Google phone aka the Nexus One will be put live today around the time of the official announcement at Google’s offices in Silicon Valley, was briefly up earlier this morning only to be taken down moments after. Provided the above is not a fake screen capture, the unofficial T-Mobile news blog got a great early peek at… Read More

  • Is The Nexus One Bringing A New Android Backup Service With It?

    Earlier this evening Gizmodo published leaked images that apparently show off the pricing details for Google’s upcoming Nexus One phone. The Nexus One comes in at a hefty $530 for an unlocked device, or $180 with contract on T-Mobile — pricing that’s pretty standard for a smart phone. But even still, it’s a very big deal. It also looks like Gizmodo’s… Read More

  • The Apparent Cost Of Nexus One Freedom: $530. Why It Still Matters.

    After our earlier post on the Nexus One, there was a lot of debate surrounding how much the thing would cost. It appears that this information is out there now. According to some leaked documents sent to Gizmodo, the Nexus One will be $529.99 unlocked and $179.99 if you sign up for a two-year T-Mobile contract (which runs $79.99 a month). This information is not 100% confirmed, but it looks… Read More