Nexus One Hacked To Support T-Mobile WiFi Calling

Where there’s a will, there’s a way — especially when said “will” is shared amongst a chunk of the Android hacking community.

If you’ve got a Nexus One on T-Mobile and just can’t seem to hold a signal, that will just worked in your favor: thanks to efforts out of the good ol’ XDA-Dev forums, the N1 now has (totally unofficial) support for T-Mo’s WiFi Calling feature.

XDA member Rsotbiemrptson gives the full run-down here , but the basic idea is… well, not that basic. Root your phone, install modified firmware, flash your kernel, install a few hacked apps… you get the idea. It’s very much not for the faint of heart — but if it means fewer dropped calls for you, it’s probably worth the effort.

[Via AndroidPolice]