Roi Carthy

Roi Carthy

I’ve helped market big ideas & the startups behind them. Noteworthy work in these realms: PHP & Ad Blocking.

Previously, the CMO of The Singulariteam Technology Group, where I supported a portfolio of 40+ companies.

Before that, I was CMO of Rainbow (formerly Shine), where I championed the right of individuals to block abusive ads, while helping the Advertising Industry embrace better online ad experiences.

In 2015 my work was recognized by ‘The Drum’ and their selecting of me as ‘CMO of the Year:

Before that, I was Managing Partner at Initial Capital (, a private investment firm focused on deals in Israel and Brazil.

I had the pleasure of working at companies such as Soluto and Zend Technologies.

I also covered the Israeli startup scene for TechCrunch from 2007 – 2012.

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Emaze Raises $800K For The Presentation Sweet Spot Between PowerPoint And Prezi

Microsoft PowerPoint facilitates presentation design with zero constraints. And startups like Prezi provide well-designed templates and other features to help you communicate what matters. Now an Isra

Nielsen Launches $25M Chief Scientist Backed Early Stage Investment Fund In Israel

<a target="_blank" href="">Nielsen</a> is today announcing the launch of '<a target="_blank" href="">Nielsen Innovate</a>', a $25M Israeli fund dedicat

Mobli Adds Auto-Edit Feature, Location Filters, Social Sharing And Speed In New Version Of Media-Sharing App

Mobli is launching a new version of its photo- and video-sharing app, pushing into the next generation of this competitive space with a revamped news feed of based on the people and channels the user

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1M User Strong, PlanetSoho Makes it Easy for Small Businesses to ‘Get Paid’ On-the-Go

<a target="_blank" href=""></a>, formerly 'SohoOS,' is today announcing a new iPhone app called '<a target="_blank" href="

With $15M In Funding, EXAI Makes It A Snap To Convert Facebook Pages To Full-Blown Websites

For companies that choose to go 'Facebook first' <a target="_blank" href="">a new product by EXAI</a> makes it a snap to go 'website second' by auto-magica

If You’re A Restaurant Owner, PerfectMenu is Probably Perfect for Your Online Menu Needs

Writing about billion-dollar valuations and companies flush with cash is certainly fun, entertaining, and hopefully enlightening, but it's always fun to come across a teeny-tiny startup solving a smal

Mobli May Be The Promised Land’s Most Promising Startup

In the past months I keep hearing the same two themes about <a target="_blank" href="">Mobli</a>. The first, that the company has been head-hunting product and technologists rather

Search4BBM: The Killer App BlackBerry Would Be Crazy To Bake Into BB10

I have a confession to make... I've never-ever used a BlackBerry. I've been an iPhone owner since Gen 1, and frankly, can't even figure out how to operate an Android device (I tried). BlackBerry was n

INTV is Showcasing the Israeli Startups Innovation (Web) TV

Having built a reputation over the past three decades as the 'Startup Nation,' in recent years Israel has also begun to establish a name for itself as a TV format exporting powerhouse. The most not

With Nearly 1M Users, SohoOS is On Its Way to Crossing Its Chasm

It was nearly a year ago that <a target="_blank" href="">SohoOS</a> announced a <a href="">second round of financing</a> to the tune of

And the 2012 Start TWS Competition Startups Are…

It's that time of the year for one of the Israeli startup community's staple events, <a target="_blank" href="">TWS</a>. This year the event's founder, and <a target="_blank" hre

WisePet is Kickstarting Connected Toys — Who’s In?

Occasionally I get to meet entrepreneurs with really wild and far reaching visions. Occasionally I even think they're not all that nuts either. This happened a few months ago when I was introduced to

TechCrunch Disrupt Hearts Argentinian, Brazilian & Israeli Startups – Pavilions FTW!

Our hair-brained idea to pilot a Brazilian Pavilion at the upcoming TechCrunch Disrupt has taken a life of its own! We expected 10 startups to show interest. Boy did we underestimate... There are n

Tmura: The Non-Profit that Uses Israeli Startup Exits to Do Good

<a target="_blank" href="">Tmura</a>, an Israeli non-profit, is closing on its 10-year anniversary. In a decade's worth of work it has contributed a whopping $6.3M+ to educational

Tudo Bem? Disrupt SF to Feature Both Israeli AND Brazilian Pavilions, Vamos?!

It was at TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco in 2011 where a fine tradition began, namely, the Israeli Pavilion. No less than 20 early-stage Israeli startups flew-in from Israel to demo and network

on{X}: The Coolest Thing to Happen to Android. Courtesy of… Microsoft Israel?

Look at your Android phone! Now back at this post! Imagine you could program your Android to text your wife when you left work. Now imagine your Android reminding you in the morning to grab your um

Qmerce Brings Brand-Customizable Social Games to Facebook

With $450K behind it in funding, Israeli-based <a href="">Qmerce</a> is helping business large and small add social games to their communities, particularly on Facebook. The pr

Brazil’s Startup Industry: Impressions, Insights & Lessons from Israel (Part II)

<em>This post is co-written with <a href="">Daniel Cunha</a>, my partner at <a href="">Initial Capital</a>.</em> In <a href="http

Viewbix Raises $2M To Bring Interactive Videos To SMBs

Israeli-based <a href="">Viewbix</a> is announcing a Round A of $2M led by Canaan Partners, with participation by Longfellow Venture Partners. Viewbix makes it really easy an
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