Google Confirms Froyo Launch: "The roll out to Nexus One devices has begun!"

Last last night (early this morning) there was some confusion about our post indicating that Android 2.2, Froyo, had started to roll out. Some thought we had Photoshopped the pictures (I wish I was that good at Photoshop), others though we were just using the developer build, and others thought we got some sort of special press copy. But rest easy people, I have in my inbox a confirmation from Google that says the following: “The roll out to Nexus One devices has begun!

Naturally, I asked the company what the deal was with the roll out, since I was as surprised as anyone to see 2.2 ready to install on my device when I picked it up last night. After all, Google itself had just tweeted out that the new OS would be available on the Nexus One in the “next few weeks.” But that looks to be a solid under-promise, over-deliver — very nice, Google.

Actually, like many other Google roll-outs, this will be a staggered one. So it may be a couple of weeks before everyone gets it (Google didn’t say). And yes, it does look like a lot of members of the press are getting it first (maybe because we got the device at the Nexus One launch event prior to its launch, who knows). But again, it is starting to roll out to everyone.

Those who can’t wait for the OTA update, can manually install a build. Phandroid details how to do that — sounds easy enough.

Having played with it for the past day now, I can safely say that Android 2.2 is indeed a big, big improvement over 2.1. The speed alone is the killer feature — and there are a number of other nifty feature upgrades as well. Now I just feel bad for the new EVO 4G, which Google gave to all attendees at Google I/O. Because it runs a customized Sense build of Android, it’s likely going to be a bit before we see the 2.2 version of that. And it makes the device feel sluggish compared to the Nexus One with 2.2 now.

[image via TFTS]