Google's Nexus One supply is exhausted

Well, that was a fun run. Google is now officially done selling the Nexus One. It’s not that big of a surprise as it broke last week that Google’s last shipment was en-route. After the inventory dried up, they were done selling cell phones directly to consumers. Well, at least they were done for now. It’s hard to say that Google will never do it again, but it probably won’t happen for some time.

The Nexus One is loved by many. It’s a great phone and actually somewhat of a shame that the unconventional — for the US anyway — retail channel limited its sales. You have to wonder if the phone would still be around if T-Mobile sold it within their stores. But no matter, the Android phone market is dramatically better than even a few months ago when the Nexus One debuted and there are a ton of great handsets available from nearly every carrier. [Google via Engadget]