mwc 2015

A Closer Look At Canonical’s Ubuntu Phones

Canonical has finally got skin in the mobile game, putting its first Ubuntu phone on sale in Europe last month. It's been showing off that mid-tier device, made by BQ, at Mobile World Congress in Barc

HTC And Valve Have Cracked The VR Code

“I’ve been doing this for fifteen years,” I told HTC’s mild-mannered demo wrangler at MWC today. “And this is the first time I’ve been actually excited about a tech

Xiaomi’s Hugo Barra Confirms “No Plans” To Push Its App Store Outside China

Rumors that Google feels threatened by the fast-paced rise of Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi, which has built its own UI atop Android and in China also offers its own app store (rather than pre-loadi

Jolla Partners To Build Secure Version Of Its Sailfish Mobile OS

Another security-focused development in the European mobile space: Finnish mobile startup Jolla, which develops the Sailfish mobile OS and its own brand mobile hardware, has just announced it will be

Metaio’s Thermal Touch Gets A Little Bit Smaller At MWC 2015

We first reported on Metaio’s Thermal Touch concept for Augmented Reality (AR) interface control last spring. Still in its infancy, the concept relies on thermal imaging cameras to track residual he

Hands-On With The New Microsoft Lumia 640 And 640 XL Phones

Die-hard fans of Microsoft’s oncoming Lumia juggernaut can be happy that their 5.7-inch dreams are coming true. The new Lumia 640 and 640 XL – note the lack of Nokia branding – are h

Silent Circle Outs Blackphone 2, Blackphone+ Tablet As It Zeroes In On Enterprise Security

A sequel to last year's pro-privacy Android smartphone Blackphone has just been announced, here at the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona, along with a tablet device, called Blackphone+.

Microsoft’s New Lumia 640 And Lumia 640 XL Ship With Office, Free Skype Calling

Microsoft has officially taken the wraps off two new Lumia smartphones: the 640 and 640 XL. Details of the pair of low-end phones leaked yesterday in advance of today's unveil, but their real signific

Microsoft Will Offer Windows 10 Upgrade For Mobile Devices Running Windows 8.1

Microsoft has confirmed that it will offer Windows 10 for all mobile devices that currently run its latest Windows 8.1 software.

Mozilla’s CTO On Cars, Facebook And Why It Doesn’t Matter You Can’t Use Uber On Firefox OS

Mozilla, the open-source Internet software company that makes the Firefox web browser, has been working hard to get more critical mass on mobile with Firefox OS — key to making is platform rele

Firefox OS Flips Into The U.S. With Verizon Feature Phones; Enters Africa With Orange And The $40 Klif

With its web-based, no-native Firefox OS smartphones launched only in 2013, the open-source web software maker Mozilla has been a late mover in mobile, with only 1 million devices shipped to date. B

HTC And Under Armour Are Doing A Fitness Wearable

HTC has announced it's getting into wearables, drawing on a strategic partnership it announced earlier this year with fitness gear maker Under Armour -- who will be supplying the tracking software tha

A Leaner HTC Still Finds Room To Shine In High End Phones, With One M9

After plentiful leaks in the past few weeks, HTC has today confirmed its new flagship smartphone at a press launch in Barcelona, ahead of the Mobile World Congress tradeshow which kicks off tomorrow.

WebOS Shambles Back From The Grave In LG’s Latest Smartwatch

LG has officially announced the Watch Urbane and the Watch Urbane LTE, two handsome wearables that they had previously announced at the end of February. Why should you care? Well, primarily because th

Hands On Video With HTC’s New Android Flagship, The One M9

It's evolution not revolution for HTC's new top-of-the-line smartphone, the One M9. But the predecessors in the range set a high quality bar so HTC evidently feels its flagship handset isn't in need o

Two New Lumia 640 Models Discovered After Microsoft Leak

A few pieces of data point to two new Lumia models, the 640 and 640 XL, a pair of low-end phones that should be announced tomorrow morning. The device specs were posted on NokiaPowerUser and point to

Join Us In Barcelona On March 3 At The Mini-Meetup And Pitch-Off

You may have noticed a few posts about our Barcelona Mini-Meetup and Pitch-Off over the past week and it looks like we’ve finally nailed down a location and time. Forget everything you heard so

Join Us In Barcelona For A Mini-Meetup And Pitch-Off During MWC

Hello, friendly folks. We are planning on holding a mini-meetup in Barcelona during MWC, offering you guys a chance to pitch TC writers and potentially hold a pitch-off for free tickets to Disrupt New