Join Us In Barcelona For A Mini-Meetup And Pitch-Off During MWC

Hello, friendly folks. We are planning on holding a mini-meetup in Barcelona during MWC, offering you guys a chance to pitch TC writers and potentially hold a pitch-off for free tickets to Disrupt New York. We need your help.

Since this is an ad hoc thing, we’ll need a little assistance in choosing a venue and potentially a drinks sponsor. I have heard good things about El Nacional but you can recommend other open, neutral spaces, preferably not a co-working space or office.

Things are still in the planning stage but we will hold the event on Tuesday, March 3 in the evening. If you’d like to help with planning please email me at or Skype me at johnnybnyc. Sponsors would be responsible for an hour of bar time. We’ll post an RSVP list and pitch-off application shortly.

Hope to see you in Barcelona!