Lytro, a light-field imaging startup, is shutting down

Lytro, the light-field imaging startup focused on virtual reality, is shutting down. In a blog post, Lytro said it’s going to begin winding down and will not be taking on any new productions or

Sources: Google is buying Lytro for about $40M

Last week, Google showed off a new app to display immersive photography in virtual reality, and a multi-camera technique for capturing it, and now it looks like there may be plans to enhance that wi

Lytro’s ‘living pictures’ cease to live

As part of its move away from consumer gear towards professional cinema hardware, Lytro has killed off the site that once hosted "living pictures," still photos taken with its cameras that could be re

Lytro’s light field vision finally shows its worth

While many of the virtual reality experiences being shown off at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival are pushing boundaries in VR story-telling techniques, "Hallelujah" is perhaps most noteworthy because o

Lytro pursues 360-degree video and cinematic tools with $60M Series D

Ever-shifting camera tech company Lytro has raised major cash to continue development and deployment of its cinema-level camera systems. Perhaps the company's core technology, "light field photography

The reality of AR/VR survival

VR will be big, AR will be bigger (and take longer). But as in most early-stage tech markets, growth will be curved, not straight. There will be a few billion dollars of revenue this year, a progressi

Lytro Introduces ‘Immerge’ For Cinematic Virtual Reality

Camera maker Lytro is hopping into virtual reality. Today, it announced a product called “Immerge” which the company describes as “world’s first professional light field soluti

Lytro Hits Up The Enterprise With The Introduction Of The Lytro Platform And Dev Kit

Lytro has been around for three years building a brand new type of camera with light field technology, and while the tech itself is quite incredible, transforming that into a viable business has prove

Lytro’s “Living Pictures” Set To Appear On 500px Thanks To New Open WebGL Player

Lytro may have led the way when it came to pictures where you could choose your point of focus after the shots were taken. The company also recently introduced the Illum light field camera, which is a

Lytro Founded A Movement, But The Illum Camera Isn’t Where That Movement Is Headed

Lytro’s new Illum camera is the company’s second take at hardware, and by all accounts a significant improvement over the original light-field camera. It offers all the same post-capture f

The Lytro Illum Is Where Light Field Technology Meets Real Photography

<a href="">Lytro</a> has made some big changes to its technology, packaging it in a product that looks far more like a camera than anything Lytro has built before.

MIT Startup Tesseract Aims To Commercialize Mobile Digital Photo Refocusing And 3D Effects

An MIT project that aimed to bring light field refocusing powers to existing cameras for less than a dollar is being spun out as its own commercial venture: Tesseract wants to provide the same capabil

Lytro Enables Its Camera’s Hidden WiFi Chip, Launches A Companion iOS App (With Animated GIFs!)

It sure doesn't seem like many people have bought Lytro's crazy light-field camera (the one that lets you focus your photos <em>after</em> you take them) — but if you're one of those who did: go plu

Lytro Reveals Its Software Side At CES [Video]

If you haven't yet experienced the world of light field photography, it's time to step into the Lytro. (See what I did there?) The Lytro camera is a brand new form of photographic technology that

Toshiba Building A Lytro-Style Camera Sensor For Smartphones And Tablets, Planned For 2013 Launch

Toshiba is intent on making a camera sensor for smartphones and tablets that borrows a trick from Lytro and allows users to select a focus area in their photos after having taken them. Not only that,

Make Your Own Lytro-Style, Adjustable Focus Photos With DSLR Video And A Simple Hack

The Lytro is a very cool piece of tech that can produce images with easy-to-manipulate depth-of-field, but it also means buying a new, $400 piece of photography gear that takes admittedly low resoluti

Gift Guide: Hands-On With Lytro’s Latest Features, Perspective Shift And Living Filters

Lytro promised that its camera was only the beginning of the new technology, which allows the user to change focus of the picture after it's taken. The data contained in a single digital image taken w

Lytro Reinvents The Camera Once Again, Now Lets Photos Change Perspective Along With Focus

Lytro is on a roll. After launching <a href="">manual controls</a> just last month, the company

Lytro Firmware Update Unlocks Manual Controls: Shutter Speed, ISO, And ND Filter

Today the Lytro Light Field Camera is receiving a firmware update that unlocks manual controls such as ISO sensitivity and shutter speed. But just in case you haven't heard of it yet, the <a href=

Lytro Expands Retail Presence, To Be Available Next Month From Amazon, Target, And Best Buy

The $399 Lytro camera is a marvel of imaging technology and it will soon be a whole lot easier to buy. Starting in early October, the novel camera is hitting, and, al
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