Lytro Expands Retail Presence, To Be Available Next Month From Amazon, Target, And Best Buy

The $399 Lytro camera is a marvel of imaging technology and it will soon be a whole lot easier to buy. Starting in early October, the novel camera is hitting, and, along with select CityTarget stores. The camera was previously only available from the company’s website,

“Since introducing the Lytro camera just six months ago, nearly 400,000 light field pictures have been shared on We are excited to take this picture revolution one step further by making Lytro available to more photographers in the US and around the world,” said Charles Chi, CEO of Lytro in a released statement today.

The Lytro camera will also be sold through international partnerships with Blode Robot, Qool Labs, and Future Shop. The company provides further rollout details in a blog post.

In our March 2012 review found the Lytro to be a fun, but ultimately, an unfinished product. Since then the company has rolled out several updates including support for Windows. But the product remains as novel as ever.

Unlike a traditional camera, a Lytro camera allows the photographer to adjust the point of focus after the picture is shot (see images below). This allows for unheard of flexibility. But with this comes lower picture quality. At least right now, that is. Eventually the technology should mature and offer its trademark flexibility with high-quality imaging.