• Nikon May Have Leaked Their Own D5100 DSLR

    Nikon may have just accidentally revealed the successor to their D5000 consumer DSLR. This video shows various cameras in the Nikon family, but Nikon Rumors noticed that when it shows the D5000, the LCD is shown swiveled to the left side. The Problem? The D5000 LCD only swivels down. Not much revealed other than that, but a good catch by NR. If the release is soon, it could steal the… Read More

  • Video Game Leaks: The Long & Ignoble History

    It’s not the first time this has happened, and it most certainly won’t be the last time. A reasonably complete build of Crysis 2 (reports suggest people have already beaten the game) leaked at the weekend, prompting Crytek, the game’s developers, to release a statement saying that it, along with EA, the game’s publisher, was “deeply disappointed by the… Read More

  • Nikon's New Coolpix Lineup Leaked

    It seems that a certain website decided to go live with some new Nikon cameras before the news was fully baked. They’ve since taken the post down, but Nikon Rumors managed to snag most of the content. So what’s Nikon got in store for us this season? Read More

  • Canon G12 Price Leaked

    Canon cannot catch a break, at least someone in their company can’t keep their lips sealed, because now the price has been outed for Canon’s new replacement for the G11, the Canon G12. Remember the features for the G12 are 10 megapixels, 5x optical zoom with image stabilization, 2.8-inch swivel LCD, HD video and an HDR mode. The features for the T1i are 15 megapixels, 18-55 no… Read More

  • Pentax K-5 DSLR Pictures And Specs Leak

    Hot on the heels of the consumer-level K-r released yesterday, Pentax’s K-5 is making an appearance, though not quite as officially. Some unethical retailers leaked the specs, and Lens Tip found the leaked photo, though they appear to have taken it down. Chances are this thing is right around the corner, probably set to be released next week. Read More

  • AT&T security breach leaks thousands of iPad owners’ emails (but luckily, little else)

    A security flaw in one of AT&T’s customer-identification scripts has allowed a group of 4chan hackers to extract as many as 114,000 email addresses of iPad owners, according to Gawker. AT&T has apologized and explained the flaw and data leaked. Essentially, a bit of open information (the SIM card’s ICC-ID) was tied to a piece of private information (the iPad owner’s… Read More

  • Hold onto your hat: Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 leaked

    Still using BitTorrent? Using a Mac? Want to try out a leaked beta of Microsoft Office 2011? Clearly you see where I’m going with this. Read More

  • iPad App Store Leak II: The Leakening

    Oh, iPad leaks. I just wrote up one of you less than an hour ago, and now there’s a better one. The life of a blogger is a hard one, friends. So anyways, it seems that Apple left the door open on the iPad app store screenshot warehouse, because everyone and their dog is now accessing shots of the various pages – I won’t duplicate their content here, just head on over to… Read More

  • iPad App Store screenshots leaked

    It had to happen some time: purported shots of the iPad app store have leaked onto the ol’ webbernet, and they’re pretty much what you’d expect. Big buttons, long vertical scrolling pages, and big versions of apps — the “HD” versions we saw leaked earlier in some cases. Read More

  • More 360 leaks: this time it's USB mass storage

    When leaks like this become what appears to be a controlled drip, you can be sure there is something interesting on the horizon. Just yesterday we saw evidence of a new, smaller Xbox 360 chassis, and now we’re hearing of a “2010 system update” that will allow you to use your own USB drives as storage for games, save files, DLC, and so on. Read More

  • HTC Legend spotted in the flesh, looks exactly as expected

    There isn’t much to be said about a few in-the-flesh images leaked about a device we’ve all heard of other than the confirmation of a few things. To start, it looks identical to renders seen in the past, and the images depicted in HTC’s handset line-up which was leaked back in early December. Read More

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