The Rumored iPhone 5’s Four Inch Front Panel Can Nearly Swallow An Old iPhone Whole

Another day, another iPhone 5 leak. This time we’re looking at a four-inch long front panel of what appears to be a new iPhone. This panel suggests a longer, 16:9 style body and screen and lines up with previous news of a longer iPhone casing with a Micro USB port on the bottom.

I’m very skeptical in regards to these videos simply because rapid prototyping and sourcing is getting so simple these days anyone can carve out a convincing iPhone shell and take some good footage of it. Am I skeptical enough to dismiss this outright, however? No.

Japanese bloggers at Macotakara acquired the piece and compared it to the current iPhone. The clear portion is almost as big as the entire screen of the old iPhone, making this a fairly radical redesign. It’s not as slab-like as other phones out there but it gives you a bit more screen for media consumption.

Will we really see this at WWDC this year? Who knows. It’s always nice to dream.