Nikon's New Coolpix Lineup Leaked

It seems that a certain website decided to go live with some new Nikon cameras before the news was fully baked. They’ve since taken the post down, but Nikon Rumors managed to snag most of the content. So what’s Nikon got in store for us this season?

Let’s go in order from most expensive to least expensive. Most of these cameras (not the S3100 or the L24) have 640×480 3″ LCDs.

Update: Official! A little more info at the new post, and I’ve added better pictures.

The P500 ($400) is your DSLR-lookalike megazoom. It has a 36x optical zoom, takes 12.1 megapixel shots, and can do 1080p. It’s got vibration reduction and image stabilization, two different things I guess, both of which you’ll need if you’re planning on taking pictures at 36x zoom.

The P300 ($330) is the luxury point and shoot: F/1.8 4.2x zoom lens, manual settings, 1080p, improved ISO performance (3200), and a nice understated body. I’d buy this one if I had the money. Nice lens. Back-illuminated sensor for better low light.

An alternative to the P300, the S9100 (also $330) is similar but a little more zoomy. It has an 18x zoom, at the cost of maximum aperture.

Another megazoom, the L120 ($280), has a significantly shorter zoom (21x) but takes slightly larger pictures (14.1 megapixels). And its ISO goes to 11. Wait, sorry, misread that. ISO goes to 6400.

The S6100 ($200) is the nicest mid-budget “normal” camera. It’s got 16 megapixels, 7x zoom, a touchscreen display, and… a pet portrait mode. Better not to ask.

The S4100 ($180) is a sort of lower-end version of the S6100. $20 less means less megapixels (14) and less zoom (5x) but the same nice touchscreen on the back.

The S3100 ($140) is like the S4100 but with a smaller (2.7″) non-touchable LCD.

And then there’s the L24.

We’ll update and put up a new post when the official info comes in, which should clear up some of features and of course bring better pictures.