• Breaking: Exclusive leaked pics of the iPhone 2! Thinner design? Check! Different colors? Check! Video chatting? Check and check!

    Update: Post-WWDC Keynote, it’s obvious these are not pictures of the (slightly disappointing) 3G iPhone. What can we say? It seemed like a good idea at the time. And Matt was drunk. It wasn’t long ago that my inbox was full of screen caps from an image editing program of a new iPod, it was a fat yet small iPod that we now know as the 3rd gen Nano. We posted the photos and were… Read More

  • ACTA anti-piracy treaty leaked: P2P 'threatens' lives

    That New World Order-sounding anti-copyright infringement treaty that we mentioned a few days ago has been leaked. The proposal, at least. And yes, it looks just as frightening as the original reports made it out to be. How does this grab you? The consequences of such IPR [intellectual property infringement] include (1) depriving legitimate businesses and their workers of income; (2)… Read More

  • Samsung Instinct unboxed via MMS

    Whenever a new device launches, there tends to be an unspoken battle amongst all of the sites to get the best unboxing shots up before anyone else. It’s madness. Well, it looks like some Sprint employee has beaten everyone to the punch by about 2 1/2 weeks. Josh33_unc over at SprintUsers was treated to an unboxing gallery via a series of MMS sent by a buddy at Sprint, and he was cool… Read More

  • Helio's Ocean 2 surfaces?

    Those of us here at CrunchGear who use Helio’s excellent Ocean (which is most of us) are thrilled up at the prospect of the rumored Ocean 2, or OZ2, which is purportedly set to drop on or around June 20. We know the phone has significant upgrades to the OS making it much faster and more responsive that the first-gen version, and we also hear there’s a better camera and… Read More

  • Alleged pictures of 3G iPhone

    Real or fake? Of course, none of our opinions matter since none of us work at Apple or at this supposed accessory manufacturer, but it’s fun to argue with everyone else on the Internet like we’re some sort of authority, right? I, for one, continue to be unimpressed. Read More

  • Flip Minos

    B&H Photo has something called the Flip Minos in their latest catalog, apparently a smaller version of the Flip camera so popular with teens who smoke the bud. This new version will cost $179.99 and should be released June 4. Read More

  • Mystery solved: AT&T's iPhone Wi-Fi is coming, but not ready yet

    We received this internal memo to AT&T employees describing a failed launch today of AT&T’s WiFi service. From the memo: “The iPhone Wi-Fi offer that was scheduled to launch today has been canceled. Nothing has been announced by the company to our customers and will not impact existing customers. Additional communication will be provided if the status the project… Read More

  • Foxconn building 24-25 million 3G iPhones, basically confirms June/July launch

    Are you ready world? Because the 3G iPhone is on its way and its going to take you and your mom to the hospital to visit your grandma and it’ll feed your cat while you’re in Florida. Seriously. It’s that great. Foxconn thinks so at least, because they’re very proud to be assembling 24-25 million units this year, news I’m sure Apple isn’t very happy that… Read More

  • I'm downloading GTA IV right now

    Does that make me bad? Sadly it’s only in PAL but I’m going to give a shot regardless. You’ll be able to find this yourself without much trouble, but Kotaku has calls in to R* to figure out how the heck this leaked. Read More

  • Leaked: Photos of the cast of the new G.I. Joe film in costume!

    What you see above you is a leaked photo of Dennis Quaid as General Hawk from the forthcoming G.I. Joe movie, and I must say, he looks very much like the Flint of my youth, but he’s General Hawk. It got me pretty excited. We’d seen Snake-eyes before, and he’s badass indeed. Then I saw Marlon Wayans as Ripcord and Rachel Nichols as Scarlet, and I got really excited, they… Read More

  • Anonymous tipster drops some info on Virgin Mobile problems?

    Here is what purports to be an internal memo from Virgin Mobile’s CEO, Dan Shulman. The email basically states things are fine, the scare was just a scare, and is probably an act of astroturfing. However, it’s a nice bit of internal spin so we’ll put it up for you all to sort out. We’ve got calls in to figure out what’s going on here. UPDATE – The… Read More

  • Don't shoot the messenger: Microsoft internal promo video about Windows Vista is hard to watch

    Here’s what appears to be a Springsteen-inspired internal promotional video about the awesomeness of Windows Vista that may or may not be floating around Microsoft, allegedly leaked by one of its employees. No telling whether or not this is legit, but the video seems almost polished and cheesy enough to have come from inside a corporation of some type, unless someone really went to a lot… Read More

  • Photos of the iPhone AppStore leaked?

    Take this with a grain of whatever delicious condiment you most enjoy but we have what appears to be a screenshot of the upcoming iPhone AppStore — the place where you’ll be able to download applications created using the software development kit that was recently released. The T-Mobile logo in the upper right left hand corner seems to be causing some concern for certain skeptics… Read More

  • New shots, info on the LG Vu

    Touchscreen? Check. Live TV? Check. Video and MP3 playback? Check. We got some new shots of the LG Vu/CU920 with its fancy-sexy UI and cool styling. It also includes a 2-megapixel camera, full HTML web browser, and should drop on AT&T this year. How does the TV work? As far as we can tell it’s streaming live from AT&T’s servers, so it’s not exactly like that old black… Read More

  • Don't stifle leaks, kids

    Just a little cautionary tale for those who attempt to stifle leaks: it just isn’t worth it. A high-end bank, Bank Julius Baer (they’re next to the WaMu in downtown Brooklyn, across from the Chinese-Mexican food place) is a company that hides the assets of the ultra-rich in the Cayman Islands. No harm in that, right? Fun for everybody. Well, some documents were leaked to… Read More

  • Verizon's Q1 handsets get outed

    Verizon is looking to refresh the line up sometime this month or next month. Of the possible candidates we can be sure to see the white Touch from HTC and the U940 from Samsung. You remember that one, right? We told you it’d be coming. Motorola will also be offering a couple new handsets with the W755, and V750. Verizon’s rumored 2008 phone introductions [Gadgetell] Read More

  • SE G-series leaked

    Hot on the heels of yesterday’s purported leaks of SE handsets is another one that’s a bit livelier. The G-series aka Compact Touch Series consists of two devices code-named Tyra and Josephine. Tyra or as SE will brand it the G900i is said to have a 2.6-inch screen, WLAN and a 5-megapixel camera. Josephine aka G700i also has the same screen size, but is sans WLAN and is equipped… Read More

  • Two Sony Ericsson handsets leaked

    Days ahead of MWC come more leaks and this time from the Sony Ericsson camp. Codenamed Alona and Bei Bei, the former looks to stir things up with a radical design. Ok, maybe not so radical, but it’s pretty cool looking for a clamshell from SE. The outer cover features touch sensitive controls music controls and display that give you all the normal vitals you’d find on any other device. Read More

  • Motorola Z12 leaked?

    Leaks, leaks and more leaks. The Czechs sure are busy. Co chystá Motorola do Barcelony? První fotografie modelu Z12 se Symbianem UIQThis time around it’s Motorola’s Z12 multimedia device. It appears the device has a touch sensitive controls and is said to be running the Symbian UIQ OS. The Z12 is also purported to have GPS, Wi-Fi, 2.8-inch screen and a super high-res camera sensor… Read More

  • Alleged MS source airs info about Xbox 360 problems

    The other day, I turned on my Xbox 360 to the red ring of death — or so I thought. It turned out to just be the one-quarter-but-not-full red ring of not-death. I was scared but after rebooting, everything was fine. Crisis averted. For a brief moment, though, I thought that I had joined the legions of Xbox 360 owners that have turned on their systems to the real-deal blinking red ring. Read More

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