This Is Most Probably The New iPhone Cable

This is most probably the new iPhone cable posted by some folks at Shenzhen-based Veister, an iPhone accessories maker that is clearly trading Apple partner status for a brief uptick in visitors.

The cable shows the 8 pin connector we’ve been expecting for the past few weeks and it looks good enough (you can tell by the pixels) for me to say this is probably what we’re going to see in a few weeks at the official event.

At this point in the game I wouldn’t be surprised if someone finds a boxed new iPhone in a claw machine in Scranton, PA.

As you’ll recall, I initially heard that this would be a 19-pin connector but much smaller than the current 30-pin. Instead, they fooled us all with this “universal” 8-pin which seems to offer the same structural stability as the old dock solution.

via iLounge