Old Enough To Remember Paperboy For NES? Now You Can Live It With Oculus Rift

Old school gamers will remember Paperboy, a 1984 arcade game that let you savour the pleasure of virtually breaking your neighbours windows by tossing a rolled up newspaper through their front room as

U.S. To Russia: We Won’t Kill Or Torture Snowden

The U.S. has pledged <a target="_blank" href="">not to seek the death penalty</a> for NSA-

Microsoft Confirms That The Xbox One Will Come With An Incredibly Sensitive New Kinect

The <a href="">Xbox One</a> was just unveiled at Microsoft's Redmond campus and, true to multi

Yandex, Russia’s ‘Homegrown Google’, Looks At Gesture-Based Interfaces To Power Apps

Russian search giant Yandex has collaborated on developing an experimental gesture-based interface to explore how similar tech could be incorporated into future social apps and mobile products. As its

CamBoard Pico Demos What Kind Of Gesture Control Your Next Computer Could Have Built-In

CamBoard Pico is German firm pmdtec's next-generation gesture input reference device. We showed you before what it could potentially do to change the computer interface, and now there are a couple of

4tiitoo’s eyeCharm Kinect Add-On Lets You Control Computers With Your Eyes

After I shelled out something like $200 for a Kinect bundle that I ended up shoving in a closet, the team at <a target="_blank" href="">4tiitoo</a> may have finally given me a r

Hand Recognition, Gesture Support Landing On Microsoft Kinect For Windows Soon

The Kinect is arguably Microsoft's most important innovation of the past decade, and has done more for changing the nature of computer interaction than pretty much any other recently created input dev

Inside Microsoft’s Cauldron Of Ideas: From Kinect, Bing And Killing The Blue Screen Of Death, To Code That Can Learn, Pixels You Can Hold And Drugs Compiled From DNA

Far from being chained to the product pipeline, Microsoft's research labs operate more like university research departments -- with a remit to be the "farseeing eyes" of the company, says Andrew Blake

Personify Live Uses Microsoft Kinect Or Other Depth Cameras For A Video Conferencing Service That Layers Presenters Over Content

A video conferencing startup called <a target="_blank" href="">Personify, Inc</a>. (formerly Nuvixa) is launching its first product next week, which will allow users to take ad

Kinect Fusion, Microsoft’s 3-D Modeling Technology, Is Coming To The Kinect For Windows SDK

Kinect Fusion, the Microsoft Research project which uses the Kinect sensor to create 3D models of objects and environments, will be made available in the Kinect for Windows SDK, Microsoft <a target="_

The New Internet Explorer For Xbox May Be Clumsy, But Wait Til It Gets Kinected

Internet Explorer suddenly became one of the most widely available Internet TV browsers today as it <a target="_blank" href="

Kinect For Windows Arrives In China; SDK Update Brings Improved Sensor Access, Windows 8 Support

Microsoft has <a target="_blank" href="">rolled out </a>a notable update to its <a target="_blank" href="">Kinec

Hacker Uses A Kinect To Help His Mom Email After A Stroke

Here's a heartwarming story for a Hackathon Saturday: Chad Ruble's mother suffers from aphasia due to a stroke. She hasn't been able to use a keyboard for years because she is simply unable to recogni

Purported Xbox 720 To Cost $299 With Blu-ray Support, Kinect 2 And Virtual Reality In Time For Holiday 2013

The current gen Xbox may be a year past its halfway point but a purported "leaked" document dating back to August 2010 from a Microsoft presentation details the next gen Xbox 720 in great detail.

Wreckateer: Microsoft Aims For Angry Birds With New Casual Game

We haven't been paying much attention to new games this E3 but a new title, Wreckateer, should be interesting to casual gamers who have a passing familiarity with another title involving avians who ar

Microsoft’s SemanticMap: After Project Glass, Another Take On How To Make The World More User-Specific

Augmented reality seems to be all the rage this week: Microsoft earlier today got in touch to give us the heads up on some technology it's been working on -- its designs for how to make a user's exper

At Last, Kinect Can Size You Up For Jeans

The Kinect's powerful depth- and position-sensing sensors have been put to many a noble purpose: <a href="

The Kinect-A-Sketch: A Homebrew Robotic Sketcher

This video from Waterloo Labs shows a bunch of young, excited interns building what amounts to a computer-controlled Etch-A-Sketch. The project uses an Xbox <a HREF="

Draw Your Way To Salvation In The Kinect-Powered Doodle Defense Game

I've played through my share of tower defense games in my day -- and have gotten hopelessly addicted to a few of them -- but none really approach Andy Wallace's <a href="

Lip Reading, 3D Desktops, And NUI: Microsoft Plans To Reinvent User Interaction

Deep in the skunk works of its Research and Labs divisions, secreted around the Seattle area, Microsoft is working on totally reinventing the way people interact with their computers. Very little is o
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