Hipmunk’s founders launch Flight Penguin to bring back Hipmunk-style flight search

Hipmunk’s founders are building a successor to their now-defunct flight search service. The startup was acquired by SAP-owned travel and expense platform Concur in 2016, and its CEO Adam Goldste

Remembering the startups we lost in 2020

Even in a non-hell year, running a successful startup is a tremendous lift. After the events of 2020, however, no doubt many already lean businesses are hanging on by the skin of their teeth. For ever

Daily Crunch: Goodbye Hipmunk

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Hipmunk’s co-founders tried to buy it back before the shutdown

In a little over a week, the travel metasearch engine Hipmunk will shut down. It’s an abrupt and disappointing end for a product acquired by SAP Concur around three and a half years ago. It didn

Four years after being acquired, Hipmunk is shutting down

If you’re still using Hipmunk for trip planning, it’s time to find another site. Sooner than later, really. The Hipmunk team announced this afternoon that it’ll be shutting down in j

Travel startups are taking off

The second wave of Internet-era travel companies has captured the attention of venture capitalists.

Concur buys Hipmunk to add search to its travel and expense management platform

Some interesting consolidation afoot in the travel industry: Concur, the travel and expense platform that was acquired by SAP in 2014 for $8.3 billion, is today making its own acquisition: it is buyin

Hipmunk Aims To Become Your Travel Assistant With New “Hello Hipmunk” Features

When travel startup Hipmunk launched five years ago, its big selling point was a better interface for searching and browsing flights. Now the company is looking to help users even before they star

Reddit Names Marty Weiner, Founding Engineer At Pinterest, Its First CTO

There are plenty of things on Steve Huffman’s to-do list since returning to Reddit as its CEO. Having a gifted technical mind himself, currently doing double duty as Hipmunk’s CTO, the nee

Wired For Extremes

Chris McNamara stood at the overhang of what would be his final wingsuit BASE jump (parachuting or wingsuit flying from a fixed structure: building, antenna, span and Earth). A 1,500-foot drop was a c

Hipmunk Makes Trip Planning Easier

When it comes to booking a business trip or vacation, the actual booking part is easy -- what's hard is finding the right combination of flights, hotels and car rentals. If you're anything like me, th

Yelp Strikes Hotel Bookings Partnership With Hipmunk

Yelp has partnered with Hipmunk to allow people to book hotels within the business review platform. While this is not the first time Yelp has offered a way for users to purchase from businesses right

Hipmunk Raises $20M Round For Its Agony- And Ecstasy-Based Travel Search

Flight and hotel search startup <a target="_blank" href="http://www.hipmunk.com">Hipmunk</a> is announcing that it has raised $20 million in Series C funding. The round was led by Oak Investment Pa

Hipmunk Makes Cross-Platform Travel Search Easier

Travel meta search engine <a target="_blank" href="http://hipmunk.com">Hipmunk</a> is launching "Hipmunk Anywhere" today, a cross-platform search feature that makes travel search a little bit easier f

Hipmunk Adds Last-Minute Hotel Deals With Its New ‘Tonight Only’ Feature

Travelers who are looking to book a hotel at the last-minute should be able to find better deals with travel startup <a target="_blank" href="http://www.hipmunk.com">Hipmunk</a> starting today, thanks

Hipmunk’s CEO And Founder Adam Goldstein Discusses Its New Deals Product And The Road Ahead

Having launched two years ago into an extremely crowded travel vertical, Hipmunk has carved out its own niche. The site was built out of the need for ease of travelling by its founders, and the compan

Hipmunk Launches Improved Hotel Search, Complete With Neighborhood Guides Written By Locals

Travel startup <a target="_blank" href="http://www.hipmunk.com">Hipmunk</a> is launching a big redesign of its hotel search feature today, one that should help travelers find a hotel in the neighborho

Grouper Teams Up With Airbnb & Hipmunk To Offer Engineers & Designers A Free “Hackation” In New York

Great design and developer talent is, as so many know, hard to come by. So online social club Grouper <a target="_blank" href="https://www.joingrouper.com/hackation">is launching what it calls a "Hack

Hipmunk Adds Calendar Integration To Mobile Apps For Trip Planning Bliss

<a href="http://www.hipmunk.com">Hipmunk</a>, the flight and hotel search startup <a href="https://techcrunch.com/2010/08/17/reddit-cofounder-dips-back-into-y-combinator-with-travel-startup-hipmunk/">

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