Hipmunk Makes Trip Planning Easier

When it comes to booking a business trip or vacation, the actual booking part is easy — what’s hard is finding the right combination of flights, hotels and car rentals. If you’re anything like me, that means repeatedly doing the same flight and hotel search and maybe screenshotting a few results to share with the people I’m traveling with. Hipmunk now wants to make this process easier with a new feature the company has imaginatively dubbed “trip planning.”

With this new tool, prospective travelers can more easily save their searches on the service and share them with fellow travelers.

Say you are planning your fall getaway to Tahiti (a tech blogger can dream, right?). Now you can just save your flight search under “Tahiti Getaway,” add your accommodation search (Hipmunk searches for both traditional hotels, Airbnbs and similar vacation rentals) and then share this with your fellow travelers to make a final decision on flight times, hotel locations, etc.

“Our customers have asked for the ability to save flight and hotel searches so they can easily go back and reference them,” said Nancy Hang, Vice President of Product at Hipmunk, in a statement today. “We are excited to roll out several new best-in-industry features that allow them to more easily save, manage and access their trip plans across devices and have confidence they are booking the best option.”

Users can then access all of their plans both on Hipmunk’s website and through its mobile apps.

This is obviously not a massively new concept, but it fits in nicely with Hipmunk’s overall mission of making travel planning and booking easier.