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Analyst: Google Will Spend $84M Building Out KC’s Fiber Network To 149K Homes; $11B If It Went Nationwide

With Austin, Texas <a href="">expected</a> to be named as the next city for the <a target="_blank" href="https://f

Google Fiber Announces The Next 5 Kansas City Neighborhoods To Come Online In 2013

As promised, Google continues to expand its Google Fiber project in Kansas City. While the initial rollout in the first two neighborhoods was slow, the project is now picking up steam, and the company

Google Left Phone Service Out Of Its Fiber Rollout Thanks To Pesky Regulatory Hurdles

To say that Google's high-speed Internet and television service has been warmly received in Kansas City is probably an understatement. But why didn't the search giant take a stab at disrupting phone s

Are You Ready For Faster Internet Speeds, Kansas City? Google Fiber Starts Wiring Homes For Service

As you might be aware, Google Fiber has set out to make all the world, or at least Kansas City, have fast and accessible Internet access. Today, the <a target="_blank" href="http://googlefiberblog.blo

Google Fiber Adds New TV Channels Ahead Of Signup Launch

Now that the pre-registration process is over, the citizens in the 180 Kansas City neighborhoods that <a href="">qualified for

180 Out Of 202 Kansas City ‘Fiberhoods’ Reach Their Google Fiber Pre-Registration Goals

Two weeks ago, things <a href="">didn't look so great</a> for

With Google Fiber Sign-Ups Behind Schedule, Google Lowers Pre-Registration Thresholds

A few days ago, Google's gigabit Fiber project in Kansas City had only reached its sign-up goals in about <a href="

Google Licenses Rovi’s Program Guide Patents For Its New Fiber TV Service

One of the main surprises of Google's <a href="">Fibe

Google Fiber: 20% Of Kansas City, MO Neighborhoods Have Already Met Their Sign-Up Goals

That was fast. Just a few days ago, Google officially opened registration for the 1 gigabit fiber network it is launching on both the Kansas and Missouri sides of Kansas City. Within just two days, mo

Google Details Its 1 Gigabit Fiber Network In Kansas City, Will Come With TV Service, 1TB Of Cloud Storage, Nexus 7

After a few delays and setbacks, Google today officially launched its <a target="_blank" href="">1 gigabit residential fiber network</a> in Kansas City. The network will deliv

Google Fiber-Inspired Gigabit Challenge Unveils Winners; Senator Announces STOP SOPA Petition

Back in 2010, Google <a href="">announced plans to build out</a> a fiber-optic network for an entire city in the U.S., promising conne

Google Appoints VP Of Fiber, Delays Announcing Where It Will Roll Out

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