Chicago And Los Angeles Are Next Up For Google Fiber

You know the drill. Once a city has spoken with Google about bringing Fiber into their hood, there’s a process for the city to go through. A lengthy one. Checklists. The whole nine yards.

Two new cities are exploring Fiber with Google and they are Chicago and Los Angeles. Yes, San Francisco has been skipped again and I’m going to go cry into my slow internet from Comcast.

Here’s what the Google Fiber team had to say today:

Today, we’re inviting Chicago and Los Angeles to explore bringing Google Fiber to their cities. As we’ve explored bringing Fiber to other metros across the U.S., we’ve worked to refine our checklist and prepare for building our network in different places. Now, we’re ready to use that same process to work with two of the biggest cities in the country. Home to a combined 6+ million people, Chicago and L.A. are the two largest metros we’ve engaged with to date. And with the help of gigabit Internet, Chicago and L.A. can boost their creative cultures with Internet speed to match their size.

If you’re keeping score at home, here’s the map of where Fiber is moving across the country:

bsd_fiber_map_WHITE_jms3_LA+CHI (1) (1)

While this isn’t a “guarantee” that Fiber will come to these cities, you can bet your ass that a lot of work has already been done to make sure that there’s a good shot of it happening. When? It takes a while, as I witnessed during my visit to Kansas City a few years back. And man, the shit is fast.

Enjoy those checklists, Chicago and LA!