Google Fiber Is Coming To Certain Areas Of San Francisco

Google announced plans today to bring its lightning-fast Google Fiber service to “some apartments, condos and affordable housing properties” in San Francisco, notably utilizing existing fiber instead of building their own fiber-optic network as they have in the past.

A blog post detailed that the move was done in an effort to bring the service to residents more quickly. San Francisco is the 22nd metropolitan area Google has slated to receive Google Fiber access.

Google also announced a partnership with the Nonprofit Technology Network to bring the Digital Inclusion Fellowship to San Francisco, which will hire fellows to teach people basic technology and internet-usage skills to better their lives. The post went on, “Through these efforts, we hope to make the Internet more affordable and accessible for those most affected by the digital divide.”

San Francisco residents ready to ditch the cruel grip of Comcast can sign up on the Google Fiber site with their address to get updates on when Fiber access comes to their area.