The Joy of Tech explains how iTunes Genius works, kinda

The Joy of Tech presents, How the iTunes Genius Really works… Cute, I guess. Then again, my sense of humor is so warped that what makes the average geek laugh may not have the same effect on me.

The Genius Sidebar is really just a big, fat iTunes money tree

Ads have invaded iTunes 8 and I hate it. Suddenly, on the right side of iTunes, the Genius Sidebar now displays at least 23 one-click buy links for me to spend my hard-earned cash through. What Apple

Genius: Oh, so you mean like a smart playlist? Real genius, sure

One of the new features of iTunes 8 is Genius, a preposterously named playlist creator that seems, to me, completely overhyped. What does it do, really? Apple’s highly detailed instructions (abo

Staggering Genius: The Beer Pager

Where was this gadget when I was in the blur I sometimes confusingly refer to as my 20s? This thing is amazing, and I need to get one. It’s a beer cozy with a built-in beeper. Can’t rememb

Vibrating Headset For Gamers From Genius

Genius has announced a revolutionary set of headphones that have an embedded vibrating system that boosts the quality of the sound and really puts you in the game. The headphones are small and foldabl

Softflask: Soft, Plasticky Genius

In 150 years, our time won’t be remembered as the time of converting to green and renewable resources. It won’t be remembered as the time when the Internet first became totally ubiquitous

Winerack Wisecracks: Booze + Boobs = Sharing Genius

Some of you girls out there wish you had larger boobs. We know this, we’ve dated somewhere around 84 of you. Some of you also like to drink booze, even places you aren’t supposed to. We&#8

Advanced "Shotgunator" Theory Could Unify Booze, Chicks

In the ever evolving scientific pursuit of getting hot girls trashed as quickly as possible, the scienticians at the Institute of Alcohology have developed a converged device that is meant explicitly

SalesGenius Launches: Track Sales Leads

Genius, Inc. launched their first product tonight: SalesGenius. It’s targeted to sales and marketing teams and allows these professionals to track the activities of sales leads on their corporat