Awesome HDTV fake skylights are wasteful, awesome

TV on the ceiling! I’m going to have to respectfully disagree with Treehugger, who suggest you “say no to faux.” I humbly counter-suggest you say “yes” to Sky Factory’s SkyV, if only for the sake of all the tricks you could play on people who came to your place. You could anything on those screens. Space, an ant farm, or perhaps something more provocative

And after all, not everyone has the luxury of having real skylights for an option, or indeed, having anything worth looking at through one. Here in Seattle we hug trees perhaps more than anyone south of the Canadian border, but our sky is often featureless and empty, like your mom’s face. Plus, and I just thought of this right now — oh my god, I’m such a genius — are you ready for this? Full-spectrum TVs. Get your daily dose of sunlight from the tube! I can’t believe no one’s invented this yet.