Fire TV

Amazon built Fire TV directly into a cheap 4K set

There’s the $90 Fire TV, the $40 Fire TV Stick and now, for the dongle-averse, Amazon is giving the world its first set with the company’s streaming media offering built-in. It’s up now for pre-

Amazon Fire TV code hints at plans for single sign-on support

Alongside the rollout of its TV app last year, Apple introduced support for single sign-on in iOS and Apple TV, which allows you to enter TV provider’s credentials just once in the Settings s

ABC launches a suite of local news apps for Fire TV

Disney-ABC is going after cord cutters with the launch of a suite of streaming TV apps for the Fire TV, aimed at bringing ABC stations’ local news to those who don’t pay for cable. The com

Amazon Fire TV’s new look arrives today

Ready for your Fire TV to get a makeover? Amazon says it will today begin to roll out an update that will bring new user interface, described as a “more cinematic experience” to Fire TV an

Twitter launches on Apple TV, Fire TV and Xbox One

Twitter needs to figure out a way to continue to grow — and it certainly seems open to looking into a lot of new places outside your phone to figure out how to do that. Today, the company said it is

Fire TV and Fire TV Stick updated with better voice search, personalized recommendations from HBO & Netflix

Amazon announced an update to Fire TV and its smaller companion, the Fire TV Stick, which will bring expanded Alexa-powered voice search to both devices, as well as a way to receive personalized reco

Fire TV gets new Alexa voice features, including app launching and restaurant searches

Amazon is giving TV viewers a few more, not-crazy reasons to talk back to their TVs. After bringing the functionality to various properties, opening it to third-party hardware and letting developers

Amazon Brings Its Virtual Assistant Alexa To Older Fire TV Devices

When Amazon rolled out the next generation of its set-top box, the Fire TV, last year, one of the standout features was the addition of Amazon Alexa to the platform. Today, the voice assistant is maki

Amazon Puts Out Hollow Holiday Metrics

The crowning glory of Amazon's just dropped post-Thanksgiving press missive -- trumpeting apparently accelerating holiday sales -- is the lack of any actual metrics...

Amazon Introduces “Amazon Fling,” A Developer Toolkit For Sending Media From Mobile Apps To Fire TV

Amid a slew of developer-focused announcements from Amazon today focused on things like using AWS for app testing, and the arrival of a new API Gateway service, for example, the company also introduc

HBO GO Finally Comes To Amazon Fire TV

Amazon just <a href="">made good on its promise</a>. HBO GO is <a target="_blank" href="

Amazon Opens The Doors To Web Apps On Fire TV, Fire TV Stick

Amazon’s living room devices, the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, can now run web applications. The company announced this morning that it’s allowing web developers to publish their HTML5-power

Fire TV Stick Review: A Great Streamer For An Amazon Household

The Fire TV Stick works. That's about all there is to it. It streams videos from Amazon, Netflix and more. It plays simple games and streams from local network shares. But it's not for everyone. There

Amazon’s New Fire TV Stick Is A $39 Chromecast Competitor With A Hardware Remote

Amazon’s connected TV plans don’t end with the Fire TV, an Apple TV-like device it launched last year – the company announced the Fire TV Stick today, a $39 dongle that resembles the Chr

This Week On The TC Gadgets Podcast: A Few Of Our Favorite Things

In the depths of August, much of the tech world is simply waiting for the fall to begin. In the first half of September alone, we'll have new devices from Apple, Motorola, and Amazon. But for now, it'

Grand Theft Auto III Series Lands On The Fire TV, Kindle Fire

There are finally quality games available for the Amazon Fire TV. The entire GTA III series just launched today on Amazon's Fire platform, finally giving owners a legitimate reason to buy Amazon's $40

HBO GO To Land On Amazon Fire TV Later This Year

Amazon just announced a multi-year agreement with HBO to offer that cable network’s back-catalog of shows on Amazon Instant Video, free for Prime subscribers. That’s not all, though; HBO G

Amazon Fire TV Replaces Chromecast Atop Amazon’s Best Sellers List

Don't be surprised. The Amazon Fire TV now occupies the top spot on Amazon's Best Sellers electronics list. Google's Chromecast streaming stick previously held the spot after displacing the Kindle sho

The Beauty And The Danger Of The Amazon Copy Machine

Amazon spent a lot of time talking about consumer reviews of competing devices when it unveiled the Amazon Fire TV yesterday, and that provides tremendous insight into its product development process.

Amazon Game Studios Is Packing Some Serious Talent With Experience Across All Genres

Amazon made games a big part of its Fire TV announcement today – it unveiled a dedicated gaming controller, but more importantly, announced the creation of original content for the platform through